TV Party Tonight! #48

The Matrix I’m sure I speak for boys and girls everywhere when I say that, being in high school and seeing the Matrix for the first time in theatres changed my life forever. Also, I should note that I grew up on a tiny island in the Caribbean where even movie theatres were a novel thing. To say that my friends and I’s minds were completely blown away doesn’t quite describe it. I’ll always remember what one of...

Wednesday, 30 May 2018
TV Party Tonight! #44

Justice League In many ways, the DC movies never stood a chance. I don’t know what started this ever-increasing snowball of hatred towards their movies: maybe it was a lack of faith in its leader Zack Snyder, maybe it’s just brand loyalty to Marvel, or maybe the DC movies just got off to a bad start. Whatever the case, the DC universe is the franchise people seem to love to hate. And this, quite honestly, is a...

Tuesday, 13 March 2018
TV Party Tonight! #42

Blade Runner 2049 Is sci-fi making a comeback? It sure seems like it. Or at least it seems like it’s becoming more mainstream. This year alone saw the return of Star Trek, a comedy spinoff series, the success of Black Mirror and the Handmaid’s Tale (sure, that’s more speculative fiction) and even the high profile movie Valerian (which did bomb, rightfully). Whatever is causing this new interest in sci-fi is still uncertain (perhaps it’s the feeling that...

Sunday, 14 January 2018