TV Party Tonight! #90

TV Party Tonight! #90

Friday, 08 January 2021

Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy
[4K/Blu-ray combo]

Can you think of a more iconic, feel good, action packed, gripping and hilarious trilogy than Back to the Future? People like to remind you that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, but I like to remind people that this is a sci fi movie, and perhaps one of the most successful ones. The reason why people forget it’s a sci-fi movie is because Back to the Future has so much more going for it and is an engaging story full of heart that takes place in the backdrop of time travelling.

The script to Back to the Future has been described as been written like a Swiss watch, and that’s certainly true, but what it also has going for it is that this trilogy asks you to believe just one extraordinary thing and sticks with it. If you understand the implications of time travel, as the movie carefully explains to the viewer several times, then everything else falls into place. Back to the Future is deceptively complex and the script is such that it preempts you for what it’s going to show you, then it shows it to you, then it explains what it just showed you. And it somehow manages not to be repetitive during the whole thing.

Back to the Future is also all about its characters and Doc and Marty have to be one of the greatest duos ever to grace the screen. They are perfect compliments to each other, are both deeply flawed, and have to go through a serious arc of redemption. Adding to the ensemble are the supporting cast of Lea Thompson and Thomas F Wilson who are complex characters which drive the story to interesting places, but they’re just some of the incredible characters that we end up meeting as the trilogy progresses and expands its world.

For its 35th anniversary, the trilogy has been released in true UHD format. The picture looks beautiful and the audio matches the stunning images on the screen and are both an upgrade from the previous anniversary blu-rays. The movie has simply never looked or sounded better. Also included are loads of extra features including Q & As, deleted scenes, retrospectives, features on focus on cast, audio, special effects, and physics, lost audition tapes and commentary. There’s a ton here to enjoy.

Back to the Future is an endlessly watchable and quotable movie that is simply essential watching for everyone at any age. I can’t think of another movie that deserves that kind of accolade.

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