TV Party Tonight! #91

TV Party Tonight! #91

Sunday, 31 January 2021

Total Recall
30th Anniversary Edition
[4K/Blu Ray Combo]

You kids might not know this, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was a very big deal at one point. His handshake in the movie Predator is that thing you’ve been memming as well. But no, when I was a kid, maybe too young to really appreciate Arnold, I was absolutely transfixed by the man and his movies. It seemed like whenever there was a huge blockbuster, he would be featured in it. I was a little too young to appreciate the first Terminator movie, but I vividly remember T2: Judgement Day: too young to understand the plot, but in love with what I was watching anyway. But maybe his movie that made the biggest impact on me was Total Recall. For a movie that’s so famous, I’m surprised by how it’s become a dated reference. I mean, sure, the movie is 30 years old, but it’s also full of some of the most famous scenes in Hollywood history. A more 90s action blockbuster there never was. And who was the lead in it? Arnold!

As a kid, what appealed to me about Total Recall were the action scenes. Later, it was the plot AND the action scenes. But now, what I love about Total Recall is all of the above and how unique of a movie it is in Schwarzenegger’s filmography. This is about as smart as action movies get, letting the audience to the work, and throwing in a healthy dose of sci fi. I’m in heaven. Total Recall is fully structured to drive the plot forward, whether it’s new characters introduced (and promptly disposed of), or plot twists (and retwists). It’s simply non-stop action, intrigue, laughs, and twists, one after the other. This is a movie where you just sit back, and let it take you in. It’s both unique at what it does and knows when it shouldn’t take itself seriously, much like real life. Total Recall is surprisingly fun, engaging, and fresh even after 30 years.

It’s very cool that Lionsgate has upgraded Total Recall with a new 4K edition. Now, the video isn’t absolutely perfect (with a few pixelations during the special effects scenes), but it’s an upgrade from what the movie has had before and is the best it’s ever looked. This package also includes several documentaries on both the film and its impact on the movie industry, featurettes, and audio commentary with Arnold and the director. How cool is that? Lionsgate did what needs to be done with classics like this, and put out the definitive edition.

Total Recall is chock full of goodness to enjoy. It’s got cool characters, a great setting, and weaves a story that gets more and more interesting with each step. It’s a classic that is aching to be rediscovered. It’s quintessential Arnold, and some might say he’s never been better.

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