TV Party Tonight! #93

TV Party Tonight! #93

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Ghost in the Shell: 4K/Blu-Ray

When speaking of classic Japanimation, the words Masamune Shirow and Ghost in the Shell are standards. And if they’re not, they should be, because Ghost in the Shell is one of my favorite movies. Adapted from the masterful mangas (read: Japanese comics) of the same name, Ghost in the Shell is one of those films that has been lingering in my mind ever since I saw it, which last was about 10 years ago.

While dealing with very heavy and serious questions about our humanity and the impending use of technology (think Ray Kurzweil and his Singularity prediction), it does so in only 82 minutes, which makes sense once you consider that this first movie (there was a sequel released some years ago) adapted only a couple stories from the original comics. Even so, it’s quite impressive to note just how much is being crammed into so little time, while still keeping a generally slow bubble of a pace. And while it’s great seeing things blow up – and they most certainly do here in glorious detail – Ghost in Shell also explores and picks apart what it means to be human and what choices we might eventually have to make in order to express ourselves as beings that are truly alive. Also, where does the line between self and manufactured get drawn? It’s truly eerie experiencing this movie, with its moody presentation, dark scenery, haunting music, and grim setting, which is unique to the movie (Shirow definitely injected some humor into the comics). So much so that’s it’s exactly how I remembered it so long ago. If that’s not a definition of a movie that truly sticks with you, I don’t know what is. As such, this is one of those movies I highly recommend to anyone wanting some good, very hard, science fiction.

One of the great things about this 4K rerelease (animes are being given the 4K remaster treatment!? WHAT!?) is that Lionsgate is also adding a bunch of neat features with this bundle. This is no rush-job as we get an informative audio commentary, a retrospective looking back at 25 years of the film, and an art and making-of featurette. It’s good content without going overboard. Also that new artowkr for the cover is pretty nice too.

Ghost in the Shell is one of the most important films of all time. It’s an art piece, a discussion piece, an anime masterpiece, and still relevant 25 years later.

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