30th anniversary

TV Party Tonight! #91

Total Recall30th Anniversary Edition You kids might not know this, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was a very big deal at one point. His handshake in the movie Predator is that thing you’ve been memming as well. But no, when I was a kid, maybe too young to really appreciate Arnold, I was absolutely transfixed by the man and his movies. It seemed like whenever there was a huge blockbuster, he would be featured in it. I was a little...

Sunday, 31 January 2021
TV Party Tonight! #52

Die Hard 30th Anniversary I care less about how Die Hard is a Christmas movie and more about how Die Hard is a good movie. I don’t think that gets talked about enough these days. Sure, I like going to showings at my local art theatre around Christmas time, but Die Hard probably should be appreciated for being much more than that: for all the things it gets right and its staying power. My attraction to Die Hard...

Saturday, 21 July 2018