30th anniversary

The Classics 039

L7 Bricks Are Heavy (30th Anniversary reissue) LP (Licorice Pizza Records) Looking back on it now, it’s pretty pitiful how unprepared the music industry was for L7. When the band first appeared in 1988 with their debut album, it’s easy enough to understand how nobody noticed; L7’s self-titled debut came out on Epitaph Records (which, at that time, was a really small record label with limited resources – and Bad Religion was the only band of note on their roster)...

Tuesday, 18 October 2022
TV Party Tonight! #91

Total Recall30th Anniversary Edition You kids might not know this, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was a very big deal at one point. His handshake in the movie Predator is that thing you’ve been memming as well. But no, when I was a kid, maybe too young to really appreciate Arnold, I was absolutely transfixed by the man and his movies. It seemed like whenever there was a huge blockbuster, he would be featured in it. I was a little...

Sunday, 31 January 2021
TV Party Tonight! #52

Die Hard 30th Anniversary I care less about how Die Hard is a Christmas movie and more about how Die Hard is a good movie. I don’t think that gets talked about enough these days. Sure, I like going to showings at my local art theatre around Christmas time, but Die Hard probably should be appreciated for being much more than that: for all the things it gets right and its staying power. My attraction to Die Hard...

Saturday, 21 July 2018