TV Party Tonight! #52

TV Party Tonight! #52

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Die Hard

30th Anniversary

[4K/Blu-Ray combo]

I care less about how Die Hard is a Christmas movie and more about how Die Hard is a good movie. I don’t think that gets talked about enough these days. Sure, I like going to showings at my local art theatre around Christmas time, but Die Hard probably should be appreciated for being much more than that: for all the things it gets right and its staying power.

My attraction to Die Hard basically revolves around how it’s throwing everything at its viewer and still manages to tell a unique story that, justifiably, has been copied time and time again. Die Hard is the one-man fighting force, German-fighting, one-liner, anti-super hero, anti-hero originator. This movie basically established Bruce Willis as an action star (for better more than for worse) and the idea of an action-comedy. It’s remarkable watching this movie so many years later just how intentionally hilarious it is while dealing with such a serious topic. The tone of Die Hard is just one of its many features, which is relatable for all of us who use comedy to help us get through difficult circumstances. Viewed from the era in which it was released, it’s easy to recognize why it was such a winner, viewed 30 years later, it’s obvious why it’s so beloved.

It’s quite fortunate that such an important movie (there, I said it!) would get a 4K release. It’s real 4K this time, not mastered from the 2K, which makes this movie seem even bigger than it already is. For Die Hard die hard fans, there’s also a plethora of bonus features like commentaries from director John McTiernan, Jackson DeGovia, and Richard Erlund, making-of featurettes and more.

This is the bona fide definitive release of Die Hard. Yippee-Ki-4K!

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