Vinyl Vlog 625

Vinyl Vlog 625

Monday, 27 November 2023

Intercepted Message

There comes a point when we just have to draw a line in the sand and say, “This is too much!” I used to think John Dwyer’s Thee Oh Sees/Oh Sees/OSEES was such a prolific band that they’re not giving their audience enough time to properly digest their musical output. I have my favorites in the catalog, of course, like Floating Coffin and Castlemania, but that’s only because those were some of my first tastes of this wonderful band. The OSEES train has been chugging steadily along as Dwyer has lost none of his focus, delivering follow up after follow up.

I’ve been able to keep the releases mostly straight because each OSEES release has been a consumable chunk of music. It stands alone and if you didn’t like it, there would always be another release waiting to come out. The band were willing to try again and again until they won you over. Unfortunately, there’s just no way that, as a listener, you don’t just blend these releases together. I’ve seen OSEES live and when I hear a song I recognize, it’s nearly impossible to place. I just know I recognize it.

I love this band but after such a hefty output of good-but-similar-sounding stuff you start losing your faith in a band. They’re all recorded the same as well. And this is why Intercepted Message is such a breath of fresh air. On this album, the band does nothing to reinvent themselves, they just try something new. These songs have a synth-pop vibe to them and, to be quite honest, they fit together like a cohesive project. It’s not a mishmash of songs on an album, but an ensemble that sounds like they belong together. You’re still getting that psychedelic OSEES sound, those great riffs, those pulsing drums, and that great sense of humor, with the addition of synthesizers as a main component. It’s honestly the best OSEES album in years (meaning something like the past 6 albums, or so).

Buying vinyl has become complicated so when you do, make sure you do so from a trusted source and that’s In the Red. Their edition of Intercepted Message comes in a great red/blue half and half with a full color insert. It’s simply marvelous and just a little seedy looking.

Intercepted Message is the best the OSEES have sounded in years and shows you what the band is capable with a little focus. They’ve always been a great band, but this one is a little bit special. One of the best albums of the year.

Get it from In The Red.


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