Vinyl Vlog 457

Vinyl Vlog 457

Saturday, 31 October 2020
”Base Rage on the Front Page” by Noi!se.

A deeper look at the grooves pressed into the “Base Rage on the Front Page” (12” 3D printed single) by Noi!se. 2020 has been a very good year for Noi!se. This year, the band has already released two singles (the “Base Rage on the Front Page” single is the third – the 3D printed “Lost” 12” singleand the very orange “Price We Pay” 7” preceded it), but now the band has returned again with the single best of the lot, the “Base Rage on the Front Page” 12” single.

Each time this year, Noi!se’s releases have presented the band in a slightly different manner from the last. On the “Lost” single, the band came off as a little more melodic in their approach; on “Price We Pay,” Noi!se was a little more confrontational and had a little more “rock” mixed into their punk; and this time, Noi!se has really focused on the more on the hardcore foundation of their sound with greater focus placed on some political tones and crammed as much fury into two minutes and fifty-four seconds as it is possible to fit.

After about ten seconds utilized to really build up the anticipation, Noi!se just begins unloading on listeners with waves of distorted guitar, thick low end from the bass and caustic, unrelenting abuse on the drum kit. Here, the lead guitar figure sound like it might have been lifted out of a Bad Religion song but, before listeners have enough time to really consider that, singer Matt Hanson takes over for the guitar and begins unloading his indictment of both the news media and the American government. Themes of disillusionment and disgust at being lied to by pretty much everyone dominate every syllable of Hanson’s lyric sheet but, rather than feeling as though they’re on the outside looking in on the singer’s complaint, Hanson numbers himself among the masses; he is they and they are he, and his frustration is infectious because of that.

The second verse does not deviate from that theme in the slightest and the band, for their part, stick as close to the singer’s lead as they can – until they break off for the bridge/solo break where they just run as hard as they can and the release felt is fantastic. Listeners will find themselves incapable of blinking during the bridge, because their eyes feel as though they’re bulging from the exertion. The cut is, obviously, excellent; it’s cathartic and instantly satisfying and, when “Base Rage on the Front Page” comes to a close, listeners will find themselves genuinely wishing there was more to this release than just one song.

Because “Base Rage on the Front Page” is the only song on this single, I can safely say that I find it hard to know how to end this review. Is the one song good? Oh yes – and because “Base Rage on the Front Page” is the third single Noi!se has released this year, I could write something trite about good things coming in threes; but I feel like doing something like that would also do this single a spectacular disservice. With that said, I’ll leave it at this: “Base Rage on the Front Page” is a great single which plays like the perfect punctuation mark on the band’s year. Listeners will want more, and this band had better stop holding out soon; fans deserve another full-length album. If they keep one-at-a-timing this shit, they might have a riot on their hands. [Bill Adams]


The “Base Rage on the Front Page” 12” 3D printed single is out now. Buy it here, directly from Pirates Press Records.

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