Vinyl Vlog 427

Vinyl Vlog 427

Tuesday, 09 June 2020

Dual Form
Various Artists
Stones Throw & Leaving Records

Every now and then we get thrown a curveball here at Ground Control and we’re better off for it. We listen to a lot of music, and when an album impresses us out of the blue, we pass the savings onto you, dear reader. Knowing nothing about this Stones Throw/Leaving Records compilation album, we put it onto our weekly rotation and haven’t been able to take it off. This merits and inquiry.

Dual Form is a compilation of free-form, lo-fi, beats and ideas that don’t necessarily fit on an artist’s solo effort but work perfectly as a compilation. When listening to this compilation, throw all expectations out the window, because you’re going to get so much thrown at you, that it’s best just to let your guard down. Dual Form is essentially a compilation of various artists’ random beats, live performances, fully-realized numbers, and loops ranging from hip-hop, jazz, to electronic music. This album has tracks that belong in the background while you’re doing homework, lounging with your friends, complementing your daily chores on a rainy day, or the dance club, all in one. What’s more, the sound quality ranges from professional studio quality, to bootleg live recording, to demos recorded on a tape player. It’s interesting, compelling, and engaging.

To give this album a vinyl release is sheer madness and shows just how serious Stones Throw is about their music. Dual Form is a cool release so it needs to be released on a cool format. This 50+ minute album is pressed on double LP in a gatefold with artwork that ought to be framed. It’s just begging to be sampled.

Dual Form is a strange and lovely compilation of orphan and stray tracks that somehow fit together beautifully.

Get it from Stones Throw.

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