stones throw

Vinyl Vlog 427

Dual FormVarious ArtistsStones Throw & Leaving Records Every now and then we get thrown a curveball here at Ground Control and we’re better off for it. We listen to a lot of music, and when an album impresses us out of the blue, we pass the savings onto you, dear reader. Knowing nothing about this Stones Throw/Leaving Records compilation album, we put it onto our weekly rotation and haven’t been able to take it off. This merits and inquiry. Dual...

Tuesday, 09 June 2020
Vinyl Vlog 377

J DillaDonuts(photo: I never saw the appeal in rap music after the 90s. It just seemed too bombastic and show-offy and trying to be bigger than itself to really connect with me. More style than substance, you know? That is, until I got turned onto the more indie stuff like Aesop Rock, El-P, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli. THAT’S where it was at for me. The songs just felt more grounded. More than all that rap singing about Bentleys,...

Thursday, 28 March 2019