Vinyl Vlog 408

Vinyl Vlog 408

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Kurt Baker Combo
Let’s Go Wild

Kurt Baker is from Maine but now lives in the plains of Spain and rock ‘n’ roll is the name of his game. How’s that for a biography? There’s a certain element of New England pride I have talking about Kurt Baker and his catchy brand of punk rock ‘n’ roll, so there’s a certain sadness in my heart when I think the man has left us to continue his life of music overseas. He is indeed a resident of Madrid Spain and has assured me personally that the punk rock scene over there is alive and well.

It was only a matter of time before Kurt Baker made his way onto my radar. After all, music this good doesn’t stay hidden for too long. His album Play it Cool is a hard mix of catchy hooks, soulful melodies, and is front to back full of songs that would bring any playlist to life. So of course, you would think his latest album Let’s Go Wild would be highly anticipated. And it does not disappoint.

Why should you care about Kurt Baker? Because, sadly, this kind of fun catchy music doesn’t come around too often. Starting off with a risky move with a cover of So Lonely by the Radio, Baker is off to the races with songs reminiscent of the power pop you could only find in the likes of Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello. The good albums, at least. Foolish Stuff is what puts us at ease, as it’s full of the stuff we want from Baker: a good catchy girl song that you just can’t get out of your head. Then what’s this? No Fun at All is the fast paced pop number and a perfect autobiographical story of how he ended up a musician in Spain. And yes indeed, that chorus will lodge itself firmly into your brain. It’s this kind of good time that’s in store for the remainder of the album, with songs that have been crafted with classic Rock N Roll blueprints, sped up, then injected with the man’s trademark.

Of course you’re going to want this album in classic vinyl. I almost wish it came as separate 45s so we could rock them all in a jukebox. Instead, that tough looking cover is housing a thick slab of bright red vinyl, which you know will look great spinning on your turntable.

Let’s Go Wild is a perfect addition to the discography of a man who knows what to do, and does it well. Call it punk rock, call it garage, or call it whatever. It’s just really good music, plain and simple.

Get it from the man himself.

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