Vinyl Vlog 116

Vinyl Vlog 116

Tuesday, 02 February 2016

A deeper look at the grooves pressed into the reissue pressing of the Brazen Head EP by Swingin’ Utters.
Let me tell you what an absolute joy it is for me to review this album for you on our Vinyl Vlog. We’re going to dig deep for this one; not only are we going to look deeply into the grooves pressed into Brazen Head (one of the most underrated EPs of all time), we’re going to take you through some choice selections of the vinyl reissues that Swingin’ Utters have in their back catalogue. And, like this release, I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

The Brazen Head EP caught the Swingin’ Utters (a criminally overlooked band) at one of the most crucial times in their career, for several reasons. First, this lineup hits the sweet spot for me – particularly now that Greg McEntee has left the band as well – because at this point they still had Max Huber on guitar who. Second, it’s probably at a time when the band was discovering just what they could do with their music. Gone were the street punk days which opened up a whole new set of genres that would help redefine what could be done with punk rock. Third, this EP almost sounds like an afterthought made up of leftover songs from the Five Lessons Learned session buttered up with a couple new ones. And maybe because of this they are some of the most overlooked songs in the Utters’ catalog. Even guitarist Jack Dalrymple told me years ago that he wished they played the song Brazen Head live.

But nevermind all that, because Brazen Head can simply be described as six incredible songs on a nearly flawless EP. It manages to sound familiar and challenge your expectations at the same time. It makes you feel things.

Fat Wreck has done us a favor and finally released it on a vinyl 10” (the first on the Vinyl Vlog), and even though we’re showing you the black colored here, you can still grab some colored vinyl on the Fat Wreck store.

And really you should. I cannot recommend it enough.



The vinyl reissue of the Brazen Head EP is out now. Buy it here, directly from Fat Wreck Chords.

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