TV Party Tonight! #53

TV Party Tonight! #53

Monday, 23 July 2018

Mission Impossible Anthology

[4K/Blu-ray combo pack]

Say what you will about Tom Cruise (go ahead, say it), but the man knows his way around an action movie. And he’s known for decades. Yes, he’s fallen from grace in the mainstream over the years, but that phenomenon is probably just American. It makes sense that when Paul F Tompkins met him, he referred to him as “the most famous person in the world.” And whether the movie script is garbage or not, you know you’re getting 100% from this guy. Tom Cruise is simply a guy who’s in love with making movies, and it shows.

As far as franchises are concerned, the Mission Impossible movies are associated with Tom Cruise more than anything else. As in, that’s what people are coming to see when they pay for their tickets at the box office. I’m sure, were he to leave the franchise, they’d get some half-assed action star like Jeremy Renner or Matt Damon to fill the role, or go the woke route with Sandy Bullockses. None of that would work, because Tom Cruise has made the role his own over the years.

I haven’t watched the original Mission Impossible over the years, probably because I didn’t understand what I was seeing when I first saw it in 1996. I remember being incredibly confused by the storyline with its many twists and turns but also being in awe of the presentation. I didn’t quite understand at the time that this was a Brian DePalma movie which means intrigue, mystery, and Rube-Goldberg-esque heists. These are all things I’ve come to cherish as the years have gone by: a movie that genuinely keeps me guessing. Watching these movies now on glorious 4K (not fake upscaled 4K), I’m surprised both by how I could keep up perfectly with the plot now that I made sense, and surprised by how anyone could enjoy the movie on just one viewing. These plotlines are COMPLICATED, filled with details, and benefit from repeated viewings. It was certainly a kick in the pants seeing it again and a testament to the staying power of the franchise.

Of course with the sixth (and final?) installment of the franchise coming up, it made perfect sense to release the entire anthology in 4K made from the original masters to remind everyone of the impact these movies have made over the years. My personal favorite is the first, of course, and I’ll vouch for it any day. It wouldn’t surprise me if the entire series is celebrated. Just keep ’em coming, Cruisey.


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