TV Party Tonight! #51

TV Party Tonight! #51

Saturday, 07 July 2018

A Quiet Place

[4K/Blu-ray combo]

I love a good success story. Especially one that gives credit where it’s due. There’s no denying that A Quiet Place has been a resounding success at the box office. It’s made over $300 million worldwide with a “measly” budget of “just” $20 million. Well done, Mr. Krasinski.

Of course, we have to be careful before we resoundingly applaud Hollywood, because plenty of garbage movies make a bundle of money. Just look at the Fast and the Furious franchise or the Marvel universe. If the size of those money trains doesn’t bring tears of sadness to your eyes than you have no idea what movies should be about. What’s wonderful about A Quiet Place is that it’s an independent movie, for all intends and purposes, that found mass appeal just like Get Out (but with a very different story of course). Another reason why A Quiet Place’s success is so wonderful is that it just might mean that the movie-going audience, which has the lowest of standards, has finally started appreciating something a little different.

A Quiet Place isn’t the most genre-breaking fresh movie out there, but the risks it takes by introducing unique elements into its story should be commended. Let’s be honest, Hollywood has chosen to play it safe and follow trends and retelling its stories to give the audience something it feels familiar with and they have been nothing but compliant. Well done, world. You’re finally appreciating something with originality.

But of course a Quiet Place is more than that. It has an engaging story, with characters that grow and develop, and quite honestly, keeps its audience guessing as to where it’s gonna go. Krasinski and Emily Blunt obviously have chemistry together and it shows. This backbone supports good writing that delivers on the gore, suspense, and heart. A Quiet Place lives up to its hype and proves once again that what succeeds on screen is not special effects, cameos, and super stars, but an actually good script. What’s not to love?

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