TV Party Tonight! #48

TV Party Tonight! #48

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Matrix

[4K/Blu ray]

I’m sure I speak for boys and girls everywhere when I say that, being in high school and seeing the Matrix for the first time in theatres changed my life forever. Also, I should note that I grew up on a tiny island in the Caribbean where even movie theatres were a novel thing. To say that my friends and I’s minds were completely blown away doesn’t quite describe it. I’ll always remember what one of my friends said, “This movie is NOT for dumb people.”

And that feeling stuck with me ever since, not wanting to sully the reputation this movie has had. I’ve seen the sequels of course, and thought they were fine. I don’t know how they hold up, but I’m very pleased to say that so many years later, the original Matrix movie still holds up remarkably well. What a wonderful thing it is when our childhood memories don’t fail us. This is a must-watch for everyone of every age.

It’s interesting picking apart what exactly makes the Matrix such a great movie, but it probably has to do with the fact that it sticks to the golden rule of science fiction: make the plot simple, and build a world around it. And the Matrix’s world is so large that it’s literally two worlds packed into one. To consider such concepts as a teenager does wonders for an expanding mind.

So it only makes sense that this impactful movie would get the 4K treatment and to have it be in such a loaded package. One thing to keep in mind is that this release of the Matrix is actual 4K, meaning it was shot on 35mm and transferred from a 4K master supervised by Bill Pope himself. And it’s loaded with extras, including multiple audio commentary tracks including one from Cornell West, critics, cast, crew, and composers, behind the scenes, a revisiting of the trilogy, and much more.

For such a techy movie it’s great to see its home release be just as techy and nerd out to its audience. What a package. This is THE definitive release of the Matrix.

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