TV Party Tonight! #105

TV Party Tonight! #105

Friday, 04 February 2022

The Suicide Squad
[4K/Bluray combo]

Honestly, what are we doing here? And if these mainstream superhero movies are your thing, what are you doing with your life? The whole point of THE Suicide Squad is a James Gunn fuck you to Marvel for having fired him. So, the whole thing is already tainted from the beginning. But also, why is it called THE Suicide Squad? Is DC already rebooting their own franchise because it didn’t make a billion dollars the first time around? Is it a sequel? Then just call it Suicide Squad II. Seriously, there’s weirdness all over this release from the get go.

But OK, what does James Gunn do with his foray into the DC Universe? Practically nothing. The Suicide Squad is basically just like every other dumb superhero movie out these days. Bottom of the barrel when it comes to entertainment. THE Suicide Squad is so predictable in plot, clunky in dialogue, cringeingly unfunny, and bloated with superstars who bring almost nothing to the characters (why have Sylvester Stallone as Shark Guy? Why is Pete Davidson in this movie? What is Taika Waititi bringing to his role?) that it’s frankly distracting and makes it almost impossible to settle into this movie. Then there’s Harley Quinn who is not only a baffling character – so unfunny it hurts – that it’s clear the writers are too in love with her to ever put her in any real danger or make her unable to deal with any threat she’s under. She can exist in isolation and operates completely removed from everyone else in the movie. This in itself makes her an incredibly boring character. Then there’s Margot Robbie’s portrayal of her, with the most annoying and fake Nu Yawk accent you’ve ever heard, it’s like needles in my eyes and ears whenever she comes on screen. Amazingly, we’re supposed to find these stone-cold killers cute and charming.

The only thing THE Suicide Squad has going for it is SOME good acting by Idris Elba and good special effects. The title cards were inventive as well as was the design of the final bad creature. But is this any reason to watch a movie? Is this how we’re spending $200 million dollars in 2021?

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