TV Party Tonight! 014

TV Party Tonight! 014

Friday, 17 June 2016

Ollie Ottoman delves into the new Blu-Ray release of Hail Caesar! by the Coen Brothers.

Ever noticed how Coen brothers movies tend to alternate in the impact they make? The Big Lebowski didn’t really catch on when it was released, but O Brother Where Art Thou is one of the most celebrated films in moviedom. No one really talks about the follow-up Intolerable Cruelty after that, but No Country For Old Men was highly visible at the Oscars. Same with Burn After Reading and True Grit, who seemed to have gotten all the attention from the film industry. Are you beginning to see a pattern here, reader?

Hail Caesar! is the follow-up to Inside Llewyn Davis, which was an Academy Award darling so you know where my expectations are with it. But as it happens, Hail Caesar! is this well-oiled, sharp and witty movie with Swiss-watch-like writing; it’s truly remarkable what the brothers throw at us here and just how well they do it. Hail Caesar! does many things with wonderful characters brought to life by an amazing cast (except for Scarlet Johansen who, of course, looks like Scarlet Johansen trying to act in almost everything she does) and great dialogue, but it’s also a movie about Hollywood in the Fifties. As such, it plays with the genres of the time, and this involves showing us movies inside of movies. Now, I myself am unfamiliar with the movies they are spoofing, but to say I absolutely adored every minute of Hail Caesar! is an understatement. I was on-board from the word go.

And this just goes to show how skilled the Coen brothers are not just at bringing their vision to life but also at writing comedy and intrigue. Like the Big Lebowski, this movie is about simple people being caught up in circumstances bigger than themselves. You have no idea where the story is headed next, so we’re wisest to just accept the insanity on screen.

Like I said, there’s a chance that Hail Caesar! will go overlooked by moviegoers, but we’ll wait for the next Oscar season before we make that conclusion. But honestly, fuck the Oscars anyway. This is the best movie I’ve seen this year and it shows the Coen brothers in top form, ranking as one of the best films they’ve done. They truly ride on wings, as eagles. [OLLIE OTTOMAN]



The Blu-Ray edition of Hail Caesar! will be released on June 25, 2016. Pre-order it here on Amazon.

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