steve gunn

Vinyl Vlog 552

Steve GunnOther You Few albums in the past few years have made the impact on me that Other You has. Part of it has to do with the fact that I just wasn’t expecting it. It’s not exactly a smash hit album, so my expectations weren’t set (i.e. I hadn’t been jaded yet by public opinion), so I wasn’t expecting to fall in love. Most of why I’m impressed by this album is that I didn’t know I needed it....

Wednesday, 01 June 2022
Spotlight: Other You

WHO: Steve Gunn WHAT: Other You WHY: I’ve been having a hard time describing Other You, the latest album by Steve Gunn. Every time I play it, it pulls my attention and immerses me in the rich world of its sound. It’s a beautiful world, gentle-sounding, mesmerizing, and full of guitars and layers. It’s Kurt Vile with a lot more Van Morrison thrown in. Other You is the kind of album that somehow works as therapy, making me introspective and...

Wednesday, 09 February 2022