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The Year in Music 2016

Let’s go ahead and call bullshit on the internet for trying to manufacture Shitty 2016 as a trend. This year was great for a number of reasons. One of these is the music that came out this year. New bands excelled and old ones outdid themselves. We apologize ahead of time for the lack of overlap with garbage other sites like Pitchfork are pushing. We can’t help it that we have better taste… Best albums of the year: 01. White...

Sunday, 01 January 2017
Leftover Crack – [Live]

Leftover Crack @ Once Ballroom – Somerville, MA – June 18, 2016 Who would have guessed that the reputation Leftover Crack would have this year in Boston is as the hottest show in town. Sure, they were playing the coolest new venue in Boston (as Stefon would say, “This place has everything!”), but I remember from Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas last month that their show was one of the first to sell out. Let’s be clear here, Leftover Crack...

Sunday, 19 June 2016