Dave Hill

Dave Hill Live @ Village Social Club, Brookline, MA 02-16-23

Dave HillLive @ Village Social Club I’m all for checking out new venues in Boston, and lord knows we need them. The smaller and more intimate, the better. But, what I didn’t expect is that one of my favorite comedians would be playing a venue I’d never heard of. Maybe that’s because the Village Social Club isn’t the kind of venue you’d expect to see the alt comedy Dave Hill is known for. But, none of that matters. What...

Sunday, 19 February 2023
Dave Hill – [Album]

Dave Hill Let Me Turn You On (Aspecialthing/Allegro) Hold onto your seat because this album came completely out of nowhere! But, now that I’m aware of Dave Hill, the guy seems to pop up everywhere. Like, he hosts a show on WFMU and he plays in the band who wrote the theme song to John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. Also, did you know he’s Cleveland’s pride and joy? Also, he’s a comedian and this is his first comedy album. But...

Tuesday, 02 February 2016