Dave Hill Live @ Village Social Club, Brookline, MA 02-16-23

Dave Hill Live @ Village Social Club, Brookline, MA 02-16-23

Sunday, 19 February 2023

Dave Hill
Live @ Village Social Club
[Brookline, MA]

I’m all for checking out new venues in Boston, and lord knows we need them. The smaller and more intimate, the better. But, what I didn’t expect is that one of my favorite comedians would be playing a venue I’d never heard of. Maybe that’s because the Village Social Club isn’t the kind of venue you’d expect to see the alt comedy Dave Hill is known for. But, none of that matters. What matters is that we are being graced with some truly comedic gold and we’d be fools to miss it.

Lo and behold, the comedy bubble has all but popped these last couple years, but that doesn’t affect a comedian like Dave Hill. That is because he has always remained unique and a singular voice. I am a big fan of his comedy album Let Me Turn You On, not just because it’s incredibly funny and punk rock, but because it’s so original. On a rainy, too-warm winter night in Boston, there was nothing I was more in the mood for than some punk rock comedy, smattered with Cleveland jokes.

Like I said, I had never heard of the Village Social Club, nestled in the center of Brookline Village, and although it provided an intimate and very personal experience, I kind of wished Hill would have performed at more of a venue, with actual seating available for more than 2 dozen people who were not also ordering dessert to finish their meals. Were people even there for the show? I don’t know what the deal is with this venue, but it’s not really a venue, more of restaurant with some standing attendance and people being mindful of the waiting staff. No matter, because Dave Hill rocked us that night.

In an all-too-brief hour, Hill proceeded to regale us with stories of coping with the pandemic, driving Bjork around in search of power bars in 90s Cleveland, getting into a fight in your 40s, and several hilarious songs with a full backing band (Abbie Barrett’s backing band, no less!) about Brookline-centric pickup lines and erotic short stories. The man is charming behind the mic and incredible behind the guitar. Really, it was over all-too-quickly which is just a testament to how funny the man is an engrossing his stories are.

Dave Hill is a true professional and a rare kind of performer. His comedy is unique, witty, and perfectly catered to an alternative crowd. He is a sensation that cannot be stopped. Make sure to catch him when he comes to your town.

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