SPOTLIGHT: Super What?

SPOTLIGHT: Super What?

Monday, 07 June 2021

WHO: Czarface & MF DOOM

WHAT: Super What?

WHY: I don’ think there’s a supergroup quite like Czarface and MF DOOM. Maybe the greatest and most underrated MC of all time unfortunately passed away last year (or did he?) and the only good that can come of it is that people would start appreciating his work more. His last collab with Czarface, released posthumously, is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it’s some of the most interesting and relevant rap of all time, and a curse because it’s another reminder of how a truly talented artist as taken from us in his prime. Super What? is short but incredibly sweet: fun, smart, interesting, and relevant. A contender for album of the year.

Get it from Get on Down.

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