SPOTLIGHT: Intercepted Message

SPOTLIGHT: Intercepted Message

Tuesday, 17 October 2023


WHAT: Intercepted message

WHY: The OSEES are an unstoppable monster. Every year, we are almost certainly graced with a new OSEES album and multiple John Dwyer projects. Although OSEES albums are always interesting and a welcome addition to any musical rotation, they tend to become a bit repetitive, monotonous and difficult to engage with. Intercepted Message is a breath of fresh air into their discrography by bringing a more synth-pop flavor to the songs and offering an easier flow into the album. This time around these songs actually seem to belong together on an album instead of a random assembly of songs. Intercepted Message is the most interesting and engaging the band has sounded in many years. A must-listen to synth-psych-punk-rock fans.

Listen to it here.

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