NOFX – [Live]

NOFX – [Live]

Tuesday, 03 May 2016


Live: 04-28-16
Venue: Paradise in Boston, MA
Review: Ollie Ottoman
Photo: Scott Murry
Whenever I think of NOFX live shows, I do that Italian gesture of kissing my fingers and go, “MUA!” Seriously, I have seen NOFX in small clubs and large outdoor venues (yes, the Warped Tour), and have never in my life had a bad experience. Is it because they’re such consummate musicians or because they are simply so goddamned entertaining live? Maybe it’s both.

We are very proud in Boston to have had the best show so far of the current NOFX tour. You don’t have to believe me, because Fat Mike said so himself at the end of the set. And of course he wasn’t pandering. Interestingly enough, Fat Mike’s current image is back to being FAT Mike but with cross-dressing accents. It’s quite a step up from that whole clown phase he went through. Ugh. But nevermind all that, because NOFX has always been NOFX down to the bone. And frankly, I’m glad I still got to see them at a medium-sized venue.

I know this band gets a reputation for being druggy and drunk, but I’ll be damned if they’re not still an incredibly tight live act. Chalk that up to them having played together for more than twenty years and Eric Sandin still being one hell of a solid drummer. Adding mustard to this sandwich is how everyone was in a fine mood: people kept throwing cash at El Hefe, and Fat Mike was his usual chatty comedic self; stating how much better Boston hardcore was than New York hardcore. Basically, everyone was on board at this show. And how could you not be with a custom set full of crowd favorites like “Linoleum,” “The Brews,” “Radio Radio,” “Stickin’ in My Eye,” “Louise,” “Dinosaurs Will Die” and “Bottles to the Ground,” as well as newbies like “I Believe in Goddess” and “Oxymoron.”

Of course, this wasn’t the exception as the boys are sure to bring the rock to the upcoming shows in this tour. You ought to go. Believe it or not, after all these years, NOFX is still in top form.


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