Ground Control’s Back to School Guide 2018

Ground Control’s Back to School Guide 2018

Thursday, 02 August 2018

Ooooooooh! What’s this? Well, it’s your favorite Back to School guide, THAT’S WHAT! Dear readers, year after year, we’ve been giving the most in-depth coverage of all the articles we think you’re gonna want for the next school year and this time around it’s no different. How is it that we can sort through all the noise to bring you just the creme of the crop out of the slew of pretend-swag out there? We don’t know. We must have magical noses or bionic eyes. The same noses and eyes that sort the mountains of musical output to bring you the essential listens of the year.

The format is something you might be familiar with by now. We’re bringing you some old-school favorites, some brand new no-brainers, and some items from complete left field. Whatever your preference may be, we’ve got something to satisfy it, you weirdo. And that ranges from furniture, to clothing, to accessories, to audio and tech. Your dorm room will never look better and neither will you. So, without further adieu, welcome to the Ground Control Back to School guide for 2018.

It’s a winner!

Magazine subscriptions

Let’s start with the little guy. The guys who’s in it for the integrity, not the big bucks. Even though you want your surroundings to look pretty, you should want your brain to look pretty also. For that to happen, you have to make it smart. And, to do that, you need to fill it with good information. For that, we’ve got some in-depth news coverage from outlets such as The Nation and the Progressive. All small time, but big in content. Then, for your music, when you’re not reading Ground Control Magazine, you better be reading Razorcake which has a community-driven outlook to music and journalism. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll tap your feet.

We read them all and can vouch for their greatness. In addition, you’re supporting the little guy here which is more important that you can imagine. So start off by getting some brain activity going this coming school year, then polish it all off with the goods on this guide.

Dr Martens

There’s a reason why we keep featuring Dr Martens on our guide. There are so many companies making flimsy fall-apart shoes these days that the actual craftsmanship doesn’t get appreciated. Dr Martens has been heavy duty and heavy in style for more than 50 years and doesn’t let up. In fact, I bet if you bought a pair when they were first produced, you’d still have that pair nice and functional today.

A pair of Dr Martens boots is an absolute essential item for any wardrobe. So don’t even think twice about getting a pair in the slew of new styles they keep offering. Personally, I stick to the old school stuff. That classic look never goes out of style.

But once you’ve gotten your boots, check out their regular shoe catalog for some fancy casual or formal low top shoes that won’t break the bank. No matter what you pick, you can rest assured that it’s going to be comfortable and stylish and that you’re going to be coming back for more. Few things in life are as essential as Dr Martens.

Herschel Supply Company

I have a hard time looking through Herschel’s site and not picking out 30 items or so that I know I absolutely need. That’s because they have both stylish and basic items ranging from shirts, to accessories, to outerwear. You know I’m looking at those military style jackets in all these crazy new colors and designs. Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure you have a raincoat handy because when it starts coming down, I don’t want to hear you whining, saying “Why didn’t I get one from Herschel whenI had the chance?”

Let’s be honest, in the school year you’re going to need to haul your stuff around.Your laptop and books aren’t going to carry themselves so you need a reliable, sleek,and strong bag that will work whether you’re walking, running,or biking to and from class. Are you scheduling a quick trip for the weekend at your parents,or with your friends, or even going camping? Then you need one of the Herschel duffle bags to get the job done. Are you still acting like a hobo and keeping loose bills and change in your pockets? Stop doing that! Get one of the many wallets from Herschel. They’re practical, cool, and durable.

So yes, you might think you’re looking good, but guess what, you’re a complete mess. Herschel is here to set things right.

Marpac’s Yogabed Mattress

Guess what, guys. Punks need beds too.And this isn’t some weird Tim Armstrong situation where you only have a mattress on the floor of the bedroom either. We’re talking beds that actually help you build a home.

Mattress companies are a dime a dozen. Just a quick search online and you can easily get overwhelmed. With so many options, how do you choose? Well, that’s easy. You go for value. Let’s be honest here: a mattress is important but it shouldn’t break the bank. See how punk rock we are? That’s why we choose Yogabed my Marpac. Unlike those “other” mattress companies (seriously, there are SO many), Yogabed is focused on giving you more bang for your buck. Their mattresses are economically priced but feel like a dream…which is what you’ll be having as soon as you lay down on one. Memory foam mattresses are always tricky because they can get so hot. Not so with the Yogabed. They’re firm, but not too firm, and cool, but not too cool. Almost like the best of both worlds. And if you hurry right now, you can get $100 off your order. So really, what’s not too like.

Oh, and while you’re at it, Marpac has you covered with all those accessories you’re going to need for your bed. From sheets that are high thread count (and they mean it), to memory foam pillows, to frames that are easy to assembly and make the most of your space, Marpac has everything you need to take care of your sleeping needs.

Descendant of Thieves

It feels so good to be working with Descendant of Thieves again, especially considering all the changes they’ve been going through. Of course, you’re still going to get a very unique, quality, well-crafted product with DOT, but it’s safe to say that over the past year their style has gone all over the place. You just never know what you’re going to get from these guys: wild colors, wild patterns, or wild cuts. You just can’t predict it.

With Descendant of Thieves you’re getting stylish, unique clothing that are built to last. Just look through their catalog at those designs. And you know what? Descendant of Thieves takes their clothing up a couple notches to heretofore unknown levels. They even make us talk fancier! Their shirts have all kinds of added features like stitched collars and sleeves and extra buttons to customize your look. Their pants actually fit comfortably and look slick and cool, and they’ve even added some stretching material to their Run and Gun pants to make them the perfect pair in your collection. Really, you could just blindly pick Descendant of Thieves clothing and you’re guaranteed to look good. Have you seen shirt patterns like that? Of course you haven’t because Descendant of Thieves isn’t some crappy mall store. They take their clothing seriously!

No wardrobe is complete without Descendant of Thieves items.Take it from us, you’ll notice the difference right away and be a lifelong convert.

Baxter of California

We love Baxter of California and by now we’re sure you know that. They’ve been there for us since the beginning offering the best in shaving products. The best blades, the best razors, the best everything. So you know they deliver on that front. But did you know that Baxter of California also makes some damn fine bathing and grooming products?

It’s true! This time around we wanted to focus on the softer side of Baxter of California. Let me just start off by talking about their awesome Invigorating body wash. And I mean for the WHOLE body. This is the kind of body wash for guys like me who want one thing to do the job right and for your no-nonsense bathing needs. I even take mine to the gym to reduce the clutter. It’ll get you the kind of clean you want and leave you smelling great.

And when you’re done with your shower, try out some of their bar soaps which make such a lather that you will use it on your entire body, including on your head, as a shampoo. When you’re done top if off with one of their excellent candles. Still the best stuff out there.


Barrington Coffee

Barrington brews such good coffee that I often forget that we have brick and mortar establishments here in Boston. There’s one on Newbury and one in South Boston and if you’ve been to either location, you know that they’re serious about their coffee. What doesn’t hurt either is that other coffee shops have started to carry their roasts as well,because as far as local stuff is concerned, it’s hard to top Barrington.

Barrington coffee offers the kind of coffee that if you brew a bad cup it is completely your own fault, because they are the absolute best. I might be a bit biased too because I live in New England. Just browse their website and you’ll see a very select variety of coffee ranging from roasts and origin and various notes. The reason is that Barrington knows what it means to roast a bean right. You can get your coffee whole bean or pre-ground, dark, medium, or light, you can get a bag or a tasting mix, and you can get your subscription which is all the rage these days.

And the coffee? Oh boy, it delivers on every front. I love mine hot or brewed cold for those hot summer days which are getting hotter every year.

For tasty, sustainable, affordable, direct and fair trade, get some of that tasty Barrington bean in your life. I have, and I refuse to live without it!

Intelligentsia Coffee

If there is one global equalizer, it would be coffee. It takes a certain sort of dedication to appreciate coffee, and a certain degree of appreciation to let it in your life so freely. We live in a wonderful time to be a coffee drinker. Good high quality coffee isn’t just ubiquitous, it’s also strong. As the Descendents used to say, you weren’t always able to get the strong stuff, which is why the bonus cup was invented (heaps and heaps of instant coffee in as little water as possible giving you the potent sludge that would fuel the greatest punk band of all time).

While most coffee remains local (which can be a very good thing), some companies have been lucky enough to expand nationally. In the case of Intelligentsia, their reputation did the job for them. It’s not just that Intelligentsia roasts a killer bean, it’s that they delivered the idea of artisan coffee to the masses.

Now let’s not kid ourselves, every human being needs some coffee in their life. If you’re a student, you’re going to be needing more than the average human being. And if you’re gonna be drinking a lot of the stuff, you might as well stick to the high quality stuff, the stuff you can actually taste. And that’s where Intelligentsia comes in. Are you stuck in a college town and can’t be bothered to go out in the snow to get your coffee? Head to the Intelligentsia website and check out their vast (and I mean VAST) collection of coffee that is available to order right at your fingertips. Their coffee from around the world is available in every conceivable roast style, is made fresh and delivered right to your front door. Let’s be honest, you’re going to be pulling all-nighters in school, and Intelligentsia is here to help.


La Colombe Coffee Roasters

We love our coffee here on Ground Control. It’s the elixir of choice and a drug we can get behind. We truly are living in wonderful times for coffee drinkers as there seems to be a good roaster at every corner. And sometimes you can tell that the coffee is going to be good just by looking at the place. You know what I mean, with the rustic look or bathroom tiles adorning its walls. Another way you know you’re dealing with a good company is when they start invading other states and when their products start showing up at Trader Joes. I’m so proud of La Colombe since I used to visit their flagship store in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia way back in the day.

La Colombe didn’t just instantly set the standard for good coffee in the city, it gave other coffee roasters a run for their money. And that’s because La Colombe didn’t just offer a superior cup of coffee, their roasts were impeccable and their whole aesthetic was immediately eye-catching. They gave us what we wanted and pleased both our eyes and our tastebuds. Slowly they expanded to multiple locations in the city and they’re now becoming a national institution.

Lucky for me, living in Boston now, I can still get some of that great La Colombe coffee all the way in New England. Their online shop lets you sort by roast, flavors, origins, and blend, and they even know how their gears and accessories. And look at that design! Simple yet eye-catching. La Colombe simply does not disappoint.

Chemex Coffee

Enough about coffee beans, what are you going to MAKE your coffee with? Well, there are a lot of choices out there, from your Mr.Coffee to your espresso. Personally, I tend to be careful with my roast purchase because there are very few companies out there that will make a dark roast that has low acidity. I have my favorites, but they’re few and far in between. Really, nothing has a kick of bold flavor quite like a super dark roast with low acidity.

So if that’s your jam, and it most CERTAINLY is ours, the only way to go is with a Chemex coffee maker. Let’s walk through the basics. The way Chemex works is like a pourover. You grind your beans, you boil your water, you pour it over the and you watch your coffee get brewed. Its genius is it’s simplicity. You don’t need electricity, really, if that’s how you wanna roll.

Somehow, like magic, the Chemex system is built to pull the flavor and leave all the acidity behind. That way, you can taste the flavor instead of the rust in your coffee. And the presentation? Chemex looks elegant and actually dresses up any kitchen. So you’ve got the best of both worlds here.

Taste your favorite coffee in a whole new way with a Chemex brewer.

Native Union

If it’s one thing I wish for, it’s to lead a less cluttered life. My apartment is filled with speakers and wires and all kinds of electric contraptions, and I’d do something about it if I could. Lucky for us, with Native Union, there IS something we can do!

So what about all these wires and chargers you have lying around the apartment, the house, or your dorm? You know, you wouldn’t need so many different wires from so many different companies if you bought the right stuff the first time. Native Union chargers are where it’s at, people! Their chargers (for Android or iPhone) are made from durable bendable cables that go up to 10 feet! So you can charge your device from wherever you’re sitting in the room. And as far as charging stations for iPhones go, Native Union makes a cool, slick, classy charger that works wonders! It’s like Donald Trump would endorse it, except this is for actual thoughtful people and not shameless assholes!

And while you’re at it, check out the rest of the accessories that Native Union carries to help you with your music device like phone cases and phone charging cables which are actually made out of durable material and are tangle-free. Not to mention, your phone will actually LIKE being hooked up to them. Do it!

Kikkerland Designs Inc.

Kikkerland never fails to impress us. Mostly because they’re big fans of creativity. Not a month goes by where the products highlighted on their webpage don’t catch our eye. It’s not just that they’re nifty, but also that they’re extremely practical and are perfect for when space is an issue. This is just plastic we’re talking about. How do they get it to look so good?!

With Kikkerland you won’t just take care of your essentials (like their house and garden wares which are full of personality but also store easily), but also your little luxury items that are actually affordable. But of course it doesn’t end there. Kikkerland is also the perfect stop for gifting to the people in your life who already have everything. A quick browse on their site and we found collapsible buckets, home humidity measures, stationary, storage items, fix-it yourself tools, bike appliances, toys for both adults and children, and even kitchen supplies. Really, the list goes on and on. Kikkerland’s goodies range far and wide, and they’ll both fit a niche and put a smile on your face.

So yes, that corner in your room IS empty and DOES need something cool. Kikkerland is here to help and will up that little space in your heart while it’s at it too.


Over the years, Teepublic has sort of made a name for themselves. Basically their reputation as a pop culture mega-stop has been shifting as they’re starting to get some pretty exclusive items. I knew things were looking up for them when they started carrying all the exclusive How Did This Get Made podcast exclusives.

What is Teepublic? Well, let me tell you. Are you the kind of person who visits those shirt-a-day websites where you can only get a specific shirt design for 24 hours? They seem to be popping up all the time, right? It’s almost a chore to have to constantly check those sites and you actually kick yourself when you miss a day. Here’s a little secret, most of those sites suck because most of those designs SUCK. How many more Nintendo, Dr. Who, or Adventure Time shirts do we need? Aren’t you better off looking for cool fresh designs made from references you actually like?

And when you find your perfect design, you even get to custom pick the kind of shirt you want, the color, the cotton content, and the style. How cool is that? You get what you want, when you want, and how you want it. What more could you ask for. Teepublic has you covered!



You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you need to accessorize your home and you need to look through row after row of designed goods just to find something that actually fits your style? It’s like aimlessly walking the aisles of a Target past all the faux rustic, barnstyle garbage to get to the one or two well-designed practical gadgets you need.

Areaware feels your pain and has done something revolutionary. Design home goods that match and actually look good. Who would have thunk it!? A quick browse through Areaware’s site and it’s obvious that craftsmanship is what they’re all about. Areaware goods are made to look appealing and feel great when you handle them. Just look at their kids toys. They look vintage and modernized and I can personally tell you, feel like the kind of toys you want to play with. My nieces are a testament to that, and I thank Areaware for having the perfect classy toys ready for the picking. What happened to playing without electronics? What happened to playing with your bare hands? That’s why I love their Blockitecture line.

In addition to all that, Areaware also has quirky and cute basics that stand out in any setting. From their mirrors, to their coasters, to their kitchen utensils, these goods stand out and look good purely by their impeccable design.

We all want to spruce up our surroundings, so make sure that you check out Areaware first when you do that,


Stanley PMI

Look folks, in the new school year, you are bound to run into the outdoorsy camping crowd. Yes, it sucks, I know, as camping is terribly overrated. Luckily, Stanley makes products that make the outdoor that much more bearable. But just because your friends have dragged you out into the outdoors, doesn’t mean your food and drinks have to fall prey to the elements (like ants and bears). Perfect for the campsite or as a way to pack your lunch so that it doesn’t leak all over your other valuable goods, Stanley’s Ceramivac Go mugs are sturdy and are designed tough to keep your drinks intact.

Sturdy doesn’t quite describe it, as Stanley ups the ante just a little more by making their storage containers practical and leakproof. Made out of strong stainless steel and plastic, you can be sure your colds will stay cold and your hots will remain hot. And honestly, it’ll take superhuman strength to break one of these guys. So rest assured, when you’re taking a break at work or on your hiking trail you’ll have perfectly preserved (for up to 12 hours!) goods that’ll get you through the rest of your day.

But if you’re like me, you’re looking for any chance to be a hero and that’s providing the means to keep your drinks cool with an Adventure Cooler and coffee preparing methods with the Classic French Press. Yes, you’ll be the rookie on the campgrounds but those suckers won’t make it without you.

Mondo Tees

We’ve featured Mondo Tees often on the site in a very musical capacity over the years. That’s because they’re the absolute masters at curating and preparing soundtracks and vinyl releases. But now we want to talk to you about some other stuff that Mondo does well, which is to cater to fans of movies.

Mondo does this in a variety of ways like limited edition posters, clothes, and even toys. And they don’t focus on the flimsy stuff either. These guys are more interested in the classics or overlooked cult hits like Jaws, Jurassic Park, Scott Pilgrim, Hot Fuzz, and Star Trek Wrath of Khan. So if you want some impressive and downright cool shirts featuring your favorite Stanley Kubrick or Ridley Scott movie, Mondo will have you covered and will do it in a limited run so you’ll be the only guy on campus rocking the shirt. Same goes for their posters which you have to be quick on the draw (they’re just THAT popular) and their soundtracks which every person should own because chances are they pressed a limited impeccable assembled vinyl copy of the vinyl.

So Mondo will always be known for its tees, but they’re more than just that. They’re fans making products for fans, so they get it. And one look at what they’ve got and you’ll get it too.


Sennheiser is one of those companies that we feel honored to feature on the site. Their products range among the best, whether it’s headphones, earplugs, microphones or any audio equipment. And unfortunately, we live in a time where good audio gear needs to be highlighted and championed because this single-speaker audio system that’s taking over our listening experiences should be approached with caution to say the least. Just scroll through any of Sennheiser’s audio products and you’re sure to be met with spectacular technical achievements.

What we want to feature this time around is the AMBEO smart headset, because the versatility and quality you get from this all-in-one device is simply astounding. First the specs: the headset features 15 Hz to 22 kHz frequency response for the headphones, three built-in microphones, inline remote controls, noise cancellation, and a Lightning connector. By utilizing an omnidirectional microphone in each earpiece, the AMBEO SMART HEADSET can deliver recorded audio true to how your ears pick up sound. For convenient communication in calls and chats, there is an additional mic in the inline remote. Use the Smart Slider to adjust the microphone sensitivity or program it for other functions via a dedicated app. Basically what this means is that you’ll get quality audio and have the option of recording the audio in your surroundings in stereo. Imagine that, an earbud that’s also a microphone. I can imagine plenty of scenarios and concerts where that would come in handy.

And of course with Sennheiser you’re also getting design that matches the performance. Sennheiser’s earbuds don’t feel clunky or overly-encased in plastic. They’re sleek to the eye and pleasant to the touch. So you’re really getting the whole package here. With Sennseiser, you simply can’t fail.

Blue Mics

It’s exciting for us to be able to feature something new on the Ground Control guide and this time it’s Blue Mics. We live in a renaissance of audio broadcasting, where we can make our own content, which is something we’re all about, since it makes the medium more democratic. Basically, what we’re trying to say is that instead of listening to podcasts all the time, you might want to start making your own podcasts for a change. But how are you going to get a professional sound on a budget? With Blue Mics of course.

Now Blue Mics are known for delivering some of the best quality money can buy. Their Yeti model has been getting a ton of attention essentially for the sound quality it delivers for the price. But we want to talk about another one of their models: the Raspberry USB microphone. This mic is something else. First of all it has that beautiful design that Blue Mics are known for: straight out of something you’d see in a radio station in the 50s. Second, is just how easy this mic is to use. It’s simple USB plug and play and your computer will do all the work if you’re doing high end recording. But more exciting, this mic will plug right into your phone so you can take your audio recording with you. Are you with your friends at a brewery where you want to record your conversation? No problem. Are you at the park and an idea for a song comes to mind? Your Blue Mic has you covered.

But of course we want to talk about the recording quality of the mic. We’ve dabled in the art ourselves and tested it on our amps and drum set and the kind of sound we got both up close to the mic and recording the rooms were impressive to say the least. So you’re really getting a quality mic, that is easy to use, versatile, and delivers high-end sound for a small budget. What’s not to love?

Audio Technica

We cover a lot here on Ground Control but we’re a music site first, right? So of course we aim to not just expose you to the best music out there, but also to make sure you have the best way to listen to your music. I have been a fan of Audio Technica for a while now not just because they make some of the best microphones around (one of these days we’ll have their podcast mics highlighted on this guide, I hope), but also because they make a killer headphone. Let’s be honest, these Beats headphones and many other boutique manufacturers like them are total shit. Why is that? Because they’re not made by a company who knows audio, they’re made by companies who know marketing.

Audio Technica doesn’t just make some of the best and most reliable headphones around (I myself proudly own one of their noise-cancelling headphones), but they also make some of the coolest looking. And for coolness and performance, look no further than the complicatedly named ATH M50x (ATH stands for Audio Technica Headphones, I’m sure), because these headphones deliver some true noise, whether you’re using them for some techno beats or some Coltrane (which is more my style) and the kind of audio you get is highly nuanced and actually pretty large in nature. And being a big fan of bass (where it’s supposed to be), I was happy to find out that these headphones deliver on that front as well. To top it all off the M50x have great noise isolation features which work remarkably well to keep that noise focused in your ears, which is what good headphones should do in the first place.

We are so proud to have these guys on the guide. Everyone should own a pair of AT audio gear.



Field Notes

It’s hard to think of a company that is considered more of a gold standard in notebooks than Field Notes. And for good reason. Field Notes has garnered a reputation for not just changing the way we collect our thoughts but making it look good in the process.

There is absolutely no reason in this day and age not to be using Field Notes books, pens, or pencils even. If you’ve got clammy hands like I do, their unpainted pencils are a perfect go-to for drawing and writing. You also have a variety of notebooks to pick from: plain, ruled, or graph paper. In the classroom or just in your daily life, you’re got the right medium to work with. Personally, I also like to credit Field Notes with inspiring me to keep a notebook handy for writing down errands, or simply as a place to write down daily tasks. Their original or pitchblack softcover think notebooks are perfect for this including their new water-proof and durable note notebooks.

Also, I need to bring your attention to their amazing Space Pen which uses gas pressure to make sure you can draw at any angle. And as if that wasn’t cool enough, it’s size and weight make holding it as satisfying as writing with it. A cool addition to any repertoire.


Undone Watches

I thought long ago that watches were a thing of the past. Just think about your daily life and how you’re constantly surrounded by the time. In the office, on your phone, on your TV. So watches are obsolete, right? Wrong!

I never knew until I got a watch that I was in desperate need of one. I like to be punctual, and as a matter of fact, I’m super anal about it. I thought I would just look at my phone whenever I need to find the time, or my computer screen. Guess what? I don’t work in front of a computer and my phone is in my pocket, so there’s really nothing easier than carrying a watch and looking good while you’re doing it. Even when I’m biking to work and I need to know how I’m doing on time, I’m not going to reach into my bag and check my phone! I already got hit by a truck once!

And you need to check out the badass watches they have at Undone Watches. I absolutely love them and they make a perfect gift for that special person in your life. We’re not talking those big clunky sports watches, but sleek classic ones that actually help you dress up and not dress down. They have watches for every style and occasion and you can customize them to fit your needs. Personally, we gravitated towards the Newton and didn’t want to change a thing about it. Why mess with perfection?. Pick one up and see what we’re talking about. You’ve been living a lie! Undone watches!


This year, the entry out of left field is definitely Kyrgies footwear. First, let’s talk about why investing in Kyrgies is a good thing. Well, they’re called Kyrgies because they’re made from Kyrgyzstani wool. They support the local communities, they are handmade from a women’s art collective, they cut out the middleman and inflated prices and sell the products directly to you, they partner with factories that support a living wage for their employees, they focus on minimalist packaging to be for eco-friendly, and they donate their sales to environmental causes. Do I need to go on?

The other reason to love Kyrgies is that they are just a damn comfortable shoes that you’ll soon forget you’re wearing. Personally I like to keep my bedroom nice and cold but that means that in the morning I have to reckon with that cold hardwood floor. But never fear, because my Kyrgies are right there waiting for me and keeping my feet nice and cozy while I get ready in the morning, listening to the Best Show while making my coffee.

And Kyrgies are perfect for lounging around the house, a quick step outdoors to fire up the grill or clean up the patio, and right back inside. They’re going to be like a second skin. Comfort and a good cause. That’s what Kyrgies are all about!

Phunky Feet Socks

Oh man, I’ll be damned if it isn’t the decade of socks. That’s right. Socks have made a huge comeback. You read that right. Just go into your local Target or Newbury Comics and see just how crazy outrageous socks have gotten. There seem to be plenty of companies popping up too sporting their own styles. But instead of focusing on those posers who who don’t have a leg to stand on, we want to talk about Phunky Feet Socks because we’re impressed as hell with what they’re doing.

First let’s talk quality, which is definitely what you’re paying for with Phunky Feet. Thick and comfortable and made to fit you especially if you have wider feet like I do. And the padding is made so that your socks stay on instead of slipping off uncontrollably. I use mine for casual or formal occasions, or even to the gym, where I’m sure I’m the envy of the other folks there.

And these designs are fun as well. Who says socks have to be boring? Phunky Feet has designs to fit in with their downright street art -inspired artwork, music themes, and some badass coi themed ones as well, so there’s something for everyone. Stuff your shoes with Phunky Feet!

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