Zach Sherwin – Rap!

Zach Sherwin – Rap!

Monday, 09 January 2017

There’s nothing I like better than being completely surprised by a random album sent to me by a label. Especially when you expected comedy albums and get a curveball mized in in the form of a music/comedy album. Especially when you actually end up really enjoying the album. Then especially when you find out the artist is from your hometown of Boston.


Zach Sherwin’s Rap! is all of these things.


Yes, it sounds a lot like Flight of the Conchords at times, but I daresay that these songs/comedy bits but a smile on my face. Every time. Not to mention that they have very good replay value.


Rap! Is a graduation for Sherwin of sorts as he distances himself from his previous rapping persona of MC Mr. Napkins and god love him for it. This album is just on point on so many levels: the beats are interesting; the flow is stellar; the stories Sherwin raps about are unique, and the connection you feel to Sherwin really makes for an intimate experience. And I need to say it again: Sherwin’s raps are both phenomenal and hilarious.

Surprises like these come only once in a while. Damn, I’m impressed.


Get your copy here.


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