White Lung – [Live]

White Lung – [Live]

Sunday, 31 July 2016

White lung

Brighton Music Hall – Boston, Massachusetts – July 30, 2016


There are many ways to describe a White Lung show: ferocious, loud, energetic, threatening, powerful, transfixing. I’ve seen this band three times now, and I’m extremely glad to report that they have not lost a single beat. White Lung are one of the best bands active today and one of the greatest live acts currently touring . Their albums have a tendency to contain the same song-writing formulas and their recent effort Paradise “graduated” the band in a way as they slowed down a bit in order to explore the content of their songwriting a little more, with remarkably beautiful results. It takes a certain band to deliver anger and fury with beauty .

Live the band still delivers on all accounts, and I might blame the sound system at Boston’s Brighton Music Hall, but White Lung is maturing and sounding tighter than ever. That’s hard to do when your band already contains such a solid drummer, one of the most ingenious guitarists in rock music (I’ve given up on being able to dissect what exactly he’s doing on these songs) and what could possibly be the best front-woman in music today. Mish Barber-Way seems possessed when she takes the stage and trying to put a curse on the rest of us. Focusing on mostly their new material (which I appreciated), the band powered through their songs Kiss Me When I Bleed, Dead Weight, and Paradise, topping off their longest I’ve experienced (40 minutes!) with favorites like St. Dad. In short it’s everything you want a good show to be. At no point will you be able to take your eyes off the stage.

You know all those things I said about a White Lung show? Let’s add one more to it: life changing.

Artist page & upcoming tour dates: http://whitelung.ca/


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