White Flight

White Flight

Monday, 20 November 2006

How White Flight is a solo project is beyond any sort of musical comprehension. The “project” rivals any Beck or Arcade Fire record for its imagination and pure listenability. White Flight is Justin Roelofs of Lawrence, Kansas, where he says “is a place where the conditioning is put on an individual in a very heavy way.” After taking a few rides on the White Flight, perhaps rural Kansas isn’t such a bad place to be conditioned. The album is a modern psychedelic experience, but not in any sort of throwback sense. It’s just a way to experiment with music that goes above what one would consider standard independent music.

White Flight is the result of a summer Roelofs spent in South America which culminated in drinking the psychedelic potion Ayahuasca deep in the rain forests of Peru. That sure would explain tracks like “Solarsphear” and “Oz Icaro.” It’s not to say that these songs are hard to listen to, but they just have brain power going against convention. And what transpired is a culmination of some serious pop-fueled creative ingenuity. The opening track, “Now,” jumps right into a funky beat and what sounds like an accordion sample. His vocals are inviting and powerful and have more hooks than a tackle shop. There are danceable songs as well as some soundscapes that don’t act as filler, but just show you how deep this dude can get. “Obsidian” starts off with some mellow guitar and a slap that would make Wyclef blush, not to mention a voice that will make this track 1 on many-a-mix-CDs if you’re trying to seal the deal.

Overall, White Flight is a tight ride from start to finish. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when he tours because it truly feels like there are 10 people in the band playing five types of percussion, synths, samplers, vocals and probably spoons if you listen close enough. It’s an amazing record that belongs with some of the musicians out there that tend to break boundaries and nail down something new and useful in a world of where Hulk Hogan’s daughter can have a hit single. Thank you White Flight.


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