Vinyl Vlog 644

Vinyl Vlog 644

Friday, 12 April 2024

Gentleman Jesse
Where Time Stands Still (7 Inch)
(Drunk Dial #12
I came about Gentleman Jesse in an ideal way: through a recommendation from a respected source. Back in the day, before my day job and kids took up most of my attention, I would do band interviews (believe it or not!). The frontman to one of my favorite bands recommended Gentlemen Jesse and His Men (are they still called that?). That was all I needed. Gentleman Jesse checked all the boxes of dirty southern power pop. It was Elvis Costello and Presley all rolled into one. I had the privilege of seeing him play at a dirty bar in Philly (I don’t remember where or when, exactly) so of course I talked to him afterwards and, yes, we talked about Mark Ryan and the Marked Men, and I think also Dillinger Four. What a guy. I lost track of him over the years, and shame on me for that. He’s back out there doing it and this is his latest single on Drunk Dial records. We should all be paying more attention.

Let’s just cut to the chase, OK? More bands should sound like Gentleman Jesse. The songs on Drunk Dial #12 find Jesse at his rawest and balladiest. Where Time Stands Still is a fine entry into the alums of pop punk, but obviously the spotlight should be on Return of the Mack with its sweet serenade. Recorded in his basement, it’s truly remarkable how he can achieve that Fifties sound so effortlessly.

Short and sweet and that’s how it should be. Everyone should listen to Gentleman Jesse and this can be a fine entry point. If it’s your thing, there’s a treasure trove of material from this man and his men.

Get it from Drunk Dial Records.

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