Vinyl Vlog 618

Vinyl Vlog 618

Tuesday, 03 October 2023

Brutal Youth
Rebuilding Year

Sometimes there’s an itch I just can’t scratch. Sometimes you’ve given up on scratching that itch until someone unexpectedly hands you the perfect backscratcher. Finding new music can be an impossible ordeal. Most people’s taste in music sucks after all, but in reality, the more you listen to music, the more you know what will speak to you. Every year it’s a never-ending cycle of listening to new music that have been recommended by friends and magazines and reckoning with whether I need to keep looking or if I’ve found something worthwhile investing in. You never know where good recommendations are going to come from, so you owe it to yourself (and your friends) to at least give it a listen. Just how much of a chance should a record get before you move on? Is my compass completely out of whack these days? I needed to give Rebuilding Year a single listen to know there was something very special about it.

Why does Canada have the best punk bands these days? Is it because of the cold weather? Is it the laid-back attitude? Are Canadians laid back? If they’re so laid back, why are they so good at bringing the fire and fury to their music? Rebuilding Year sounds like a straight up fast melodic hardcore album in the veins of Kid Dynamite. For those of you who know what that means, you’ll already be sold. But, one thing Brutal Youth (hey, I finally mentioned their name!) does is they know to fill their songs with hooks, catchy vocals, simple-yet-great lyrics, great riffs, and loads and loads of energy. Also, Rebuilding Year just sounds crisp and tight which it’s the perfect delivery vehicle for these awesome songs. This album is nice and short (like it should be) and after the first listen, was an obvious choice to play while on my daily runs. It’s been 3 months now and I’m still waiting for the honeymoon to be over. Juice Cleanse is the perfect track to set the mood for the album, after which it’s off to the races. There are ebbs and flows, pick-ups and slow-downs (but not too slow) as the heavy riffs and fast pounding drums drive through the album. Singer Patty O’Lantern’s powerful barking vocals bring an additional edge delivering solid lyrics with a Shevchukian quality. It’s one banger after the next as Rebuilding Year kicks into the Ides, Egg Sucking Dog, Salt & Sand, and Pennies. And these are just my favorites today. I know it’ll be a different group of songs that will get my blood pumping on the next listen and get me to sing along. How could you not when the songs are so catchy?

Kudos to Stomp! for having this album out on beautiful vinyl this early in its release cycle. Having actual records is becoming more of a chore each year, but hearing Rebuilding Year by dropping that needle is truly something wonderful that offers an even greater bond to these songs. The cover is large and you can appreciate the details of the artwork. The red vinyl is HEAVY and feels great just to have in your hands.

Albums this special don’t come very often and it’s reason enough to celebrate. Brutal Youth might have put out the best record of their career, but one thing is for sure, they have just set the bar for the best album of 2023.

Get it from the band!

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