Vinyl Vlog 589

Vinyl Vlog 589

Wednesday, 18 January 2023

The Paranoyds
Talk Talk Talk

One look at the cover for the Paranoyds’ Talk Talk Talk and you can tell something stands out from your usual Third Man Records release. It’s lo-fi, playful, and punk rock. Certainly a stark contrast from the rest of their catalog which has a recognizable lovable sheen to it. You can’t blame the label; they take their craft seriously. One listen to this record and you can tell it’s not your average Third Man Records release either. There have been some exceptions, like the Melvins and Sleep, but their niche has been country, blues, and soul reissues, and that trend is definitely present in their active roster, but the Paranoyds are something entirely different.

Never in my life has a sticker on the cover of an album nailed it so hard. It says “For fans of Wet Leg, Devo, Go-Go’s, the Breeders, and X.” I’ve never heard Wet Leg (but I might now), and maybe X is a stretch, but the rest is a chef’s kiss. They should also have added Sleater-Kinney for good measure. Talk Talk Talk sounds like a gritty, catchy, synthy, punk rock party and something you don’t expect from a Third Man band. These guys aren’t spring chickens either, this being their third album, and you can tell from the craft in their songs. Talk Talk Talk cruises along setting its own pace: it’s fun, synthy, catchy, full of guitar noodling and has hooks coming from every direction. And while most of the album sticks to the formula of spacey garage punk rock, it’s in the last three songs that the album shines the most with a crescendo of melodies, hooks, and buzzing guitar, pushing the songwriting a little further. It’s just a well-crafted album.

What a cool position for a band to be in where your label is also your record pressing plant. Like all things Third Man, Talk Talk Talk is a high quality vinyl record, and as you can imagine, the best way to own a garage album of this caliber. The album comes in a single full color sleeve, on violet vinyl (if you know where to find it), and insert. It’s cool without overdoing it.

Third Man Records is a strange place in the sense that they don’t stick to a certain music style. Many bands have been part of the roster but it took a band like the Paranoyds to really make me pay attention. Talk Talk Talk is synth garage heaven and solidifies the band as the most exciting act currently on that label.

Get it here.

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