Vinyl Vlog 584

Vinyl Vlog 584

Saturday, 17 December 2022

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
Original Soundtrack 2XLP (Thriller Also variant cover)

Like it or not, the Lonely Island are a comedic force and they’re here to stay. They’ve already proven their worth with the indie comedy masterpiece Hot Rod years ago and have been churning out the good stuff ever since. It makes perfect sense when your troupe is made up of gifted writers, an editor, a director, and a veritable comedic celebrity. It also doesn’t hurt that the Lonely Island is completely in love with pop culture. It’s this Voltron-like robot that’s needed to deliver a movie like Popstar, which parodies the insanity that’s involved with being a mega-celebrity pop star these days.

The Lonely Planet have never been more in their element as they seem to be completely hardwired to the circuitry of contemporary pop music. They understand the controversy, the ego, the drama, the spectacle and most importantly, the music itself. The results are scaringly accurate and very fucking funny. With such a solid foundation is there any doubt that Popstar turned out to be one of the best movies of that year?

Yet another thing this album does right is the soundtrack. The movie would completely fall apart if it didn’t have music that’s as outrageous, yet in-on the-joke, as the movie itself. Luckily, the music is being crafted by absolute masters of this style. It’s clear from the Popstar soundtrack that there is both love and self awareness for this kind of music. Never in my life would I listen to this kind of music, but this movie is just full of bangers, like Equal Rights, Finest Girl, and Ashley Wednesday. Trust me, music this catchy doesn’t come easy, and it’s executed as if the Lonely Island boys have completely cracked the formula. It’s an essential part of this movie that needs to be continuously underlined.

Mondo has handled the vinyl release of this soundtrack and we have 3 awesome variant covers to choose from. We’re going with the coolest one, of course, which is the Thriller Also cover. The package comes in a beautiful gatefold and the music sounds absolutely awesome on vinyl.

It’s all a tremendous supplement to an already impressive movie. Popstar is just what the doctor ordered. And this vinyl release is gonna scratch that itch!

It’s still available from Mondo!

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