Vinyl Vlog 545

Vinyl Vlog 545

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Official Video Game Soundtrack 2xLP

Guardians of the Galaxy is what really changed how we see Marvel Movies. You see, GoG is not exactly the highest intellectual property in the Marvel franchise but with the success of the movie, its sequels, its incorporation into the Avengers and the MCU, it’s become clear that Marvel would be able to propel any of its IP to greatness with the right people in charge. You just can’t stop this behemoth from growing and incorporating everything Marvel and Disney into its belly. Its reach is unstoppable, inspiring spinoff shows and video games.

Are we here to review the video game itself? NO. Are we, instead, interested in the music that accompanies this video game? YES. Specifically, we’re looking at the vinyl record here by none other than Mondo.

Think about the fact that, as music fans and vinyl collectors, we can get almost any release on vinyl, and that includes video game soundtracks. It’s no surprise, because quite a lot of effort goes into soundtracks these days. Not that video game music in the 80s wasn’t memorable (EVERYONE knows the Super Mario Brothers theme), but the production that goes into these things now, involving whole orchestras, has really elevated their grandiosity. Really, as the graphics and storylines have become more complex, so has the soundtrack, and why shouldn’t it. It’s all high-brow stuff.

Music has always been an important element of the GoG movies, so of course it’s a point of focus int eh video game. There are two discs of original music included here. The first is by the fictional 80s heavy metal Star-Lord Band. Get this, Peter Quill takes his name from his favorite 80s metal band (duh!) and this is the official interpretation of that band’s sound. It sounds like every hair metal from the 80s, from the lyrics to the heavy riffage, the solos, and the (almost) 80s production. It’s another way to keep building the world in which GoG exists. The second disc is Richard Lacques’ score for the video game in all its majesty and grandiosity. It’s everything you’d expect from a polished and blockbuster level soundtrack with booming drums, soaring violins and horns. It’s a perfect compliment to our heroes’ many missions.

Now let’s talk about the package for the vinyl, which really should be the gold standard for vinyl soundtracks. You know you’re going to get something special with Mondo. The Guardians of the Galaxy video game soundtrack comes in double 180g color LPs (now only available in black) in a gatefold sleeve and features original illustrations by Cesar Moreno. Instead of just copying the likeness of the actors, the GoG video has reinterpreted their looks to help the player fit in better. Finally, also included is the Star-Lord Space Rider comic which is a story of the Star-Lord band and how they got their cosmic power. A nice little bonus.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Video Game Official Soundtrack is a beautiful package, carefully assembled for fans and a must-have for any GoG fan who’s played the game or watched the movies. There’s something here for both!

Get it here.

photo: @frankiesartcollectibles

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