Vinyl Vlog 438

Vinyl Vlog 438

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Wild Flowers of America
Lost in the Salvation Army

The Best Show giveth and giveth. I’ve always respected Tom Scharplin’s music taste. And as host of the Best Show I knew that when he would air his grievances about a band (which would be constantly), the man knew what he talked about. On one of my regular weekly listen, Scharpling played the opening track of Lost in the Salvation Army and I was hooked right away. I had to find this record.

That’s the kind of power this record has. It’s just loaded with elements I love. Wild Flowers of America have a power pop sound reminiscent of Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson, accompanied by an organ which gives them a certain Modern Lovers quality. And lord knows we need more of that. They also happen to write some of the catchiest tunes I’ve heard all year. I simply dare you to listen to Unkind and not get it immediately stuck in your heard. These songs range from juveline fun, to love and heartbreak and insecurities and vary in sound from sweet ballads, to southern rock riffage, to buzzpop menace. It runs the gamut of rock and masterfully mixes some of best rock music there is, and is a testament to singer Perry Shall’s talent. These songs sound either fun, fast, or urgent and work wonderfully on one record.

As if there couldn’t be more to love, Lost in the Salvation Army is put out by the small and independent Crutch of Memory label. Everything about this release says old school vibe, from the throwback style of the cover, to the black vinyl, and the brown sleeve it comes in. Limited to just 200 copies, it’s a perfect complement for the sound on the record.

Wild Flowers of America’s Lost in the Salvation Army is a remarkable album that’s full of catchy songs and hooks. There’s just too much to like on this record. I wish more music sounded like this.

Get it from the source.

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