Vinyl Vlog 375

Vinyl Vlog 375

Monday, 11 March 2019

Ye vs Tay 7-inch skratch record by Mike C and AkikoLUV

Every now and then we like to get weird on the Vinyl Vlog, and this entry most certainly is that. Let’s just back up a second and explain this.

Skratch Snobs offer up vocal tracks for…well… scratching sampling. If you’re at a DJ-ing gig, cutting the tracks, supplying beats, and dropping the bass, there’s nothing like a well-known vocal track to spice up the dance floor. And what faux-rivalry-but-really-elitism-enabling duo belong on the dancefloor more than Kanye and Taylor Swift?

It’s not just that these vocal tracks have been mixed and edited, it’s that they’ve been pressed on vinyl, RED vinyl at that, and complimented with a cool cover. As a DJ or audio mixer, these samples offer endless enjoyment. As a non-DJ, this record will widen some eyeballs and cause some head scratching. Either way, there will be some scratching to be had.

The Ye vs Tay Scratch Snob 7 inch is a cool package that clearly had a lot of work put into it. It isn’t an essential record by any means, but it will definitely rank up there as one of the coolest records in your collection.

Get it from Skratch Snobs while you still can!

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