Vinyl Vlog 359

Vinyl Vlog 359

Tuesday, 04 December 2018

Dog Party
Hit & Run

Listening to Dog Party brought back some sweet memories from my college days. Days when I first starting getting into the Ramones. I had been exposed to punk rock in high school and it made a lasting impression but it was only in college that I started doing my homework and learning the basics. NOFX only takes you so far, after all.

So, listening to the Ramones consisted of a pattern that’s all too familiar to fans of the band. At first you think to yourself, “Wow, these songs are short and kind of silly.” On a second listen you go, “Hm, there are some catchy tunes here.” On the third listen you can’t get the songs out of your head. That’s what listening to Dog part is like.

Made up of a sister duo, Dog Party knows its shit. They know to keep things basic, loud, catchy and rocking. The songs on Hit and Run are deceptively simple and they fit the title just right. These tunes will blast into your earholes, knock you on your ass and take off before you know it. There’s a clear Ramones bubble gum power pop influence to Hit and Run that makes it so saccharine sweet it’s borderline addictive. The Walk has all the buzzy hard hitting beats you would want to get you started, Bad Dream is a clear highlight and engineered to be an instant hit, Stood Up sounds like a high school party right out of the 60s, and Fujiyama Mama is both hilarious and genius. And this dirty rocking album deserves to be played on vinyl both as a sign of respect and to elevate the experience to a surf rock extravaganza. This is the black vinyl we’re featuring but I’m willing to bet there are pink vinyl copies floating around somewhere, right?

Here’s to Dog Party and may they have a long and rich future. May they continue to fill our lives with the real kind of rock and roll it so dearly needs. Hit and Run is easily a top ten album of the year.

Check out Dog Party on their Bandcamp page and get yourself this damn record.

Listen to the track “Bad Dream

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