Vinyl Vlog 329

Vinyl Vlog 329

Wednesday, 02 May 2018

The Tower

How does one begin to describe Xetas? “Powerful,” that’s how. But also sinister, relentless, and exciting. Xetas came to my attention by pure chance. A chance I love to take with 12XU records. More and more they are becoming my primary source for new music exposure. That goes for you as well, dear reader.

Listening to the Tower it’s evident that Xetas are not interested in wasting anyone’s time. Yours or their, for that matter. Legend has it that this album was recorded over the course of 24 hours. It’s an incredible feat that’s not altogether unbelievable. These tracks have an urgency, rawness, fullness and paranoia to them, making the Tower sound like an absolute warning. And what a loud warning that is. The Tower is modeled after a tarot reading, which each track representing a card, so Xetas is definitely trying to predict the future.

It would be a shame to go on and on about this band, because the Tower is an example where the proof is in the pudding. We need to stop talking and start listening. Are Xetas breaking new ground? No, not really. But that doesn’t stop the Tower from being a remarkable album that’s impossible to ignore. There’s an undeniable hardcore element here that resembles Husker Du, Drive Like Jehu, and lord knows what other oddly-named band.

Grab your copy, and make it a vinyl one. Straight from the source. 

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