Vinyl Vlog 314

Vinyl Vlog 314

Sunday, 18 March 2018

10 Cloverfield LaneOriginal Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP
By Bear McCreary

I’d be lying if I said the lovely Mary Elizabeth Winstead wasn’t reason I was initially interested in 10 Cloverfield Lane. Since breaking onto the scene with Deathproof and Scott Pilgrim, Winstead has developed an interesting career for herself as a “scream queen” of sorts. Whether this is on purpose or not, I wouldn’t know. But I didn’t quite believe that reputation until I saw 10 Cloverfield (Ln).

The movie itself is a fantastic low-budget horror/thriller that develops the Cloverfield world, but also works as a standalone project. I would know, because I have no interest in the movies preceding and following this one and I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. 10 Cloverfield a movie about trust, survival, scheming, and intellectual savvy. It does a lot with very little, especially considering that most of it takes place in a small bunker. So, 10 Cloverfield has to tell its stories through the characters, their acting, and sure enough, its music.

One of the great things about Mondo is that they’re not just putting out soundtracks to fan-favorite movies, but that they’re also giving the underdogs a chance. And 10 Cloverfield is definitely an underdog. Sure, it was a commercial success for all intents and purposes earning almost 10 times its budget, but it hasn’t exactly taken its place among the horror movie classics. Not like Get Out at least, which white people haven’t been able to shut up about for over a year. But what’s important is that 10 Cloverfield is a cult hit, and that makes it much cooler than Hollywood glamour.

As we said, the soundtrack has truly played an important role in this movie. Hearing it one would think this is a big budget blockbuster soundtrack, but no, it’s just what happens when talented people are allowed to do their work. The structure of the soundtrack definitely reflects the tension of the movie as eerie strings serve as the backdrop for sudden frightful bursts. It just fits the tone perfectly, which might be explained because composer Bear McCreary would often visit the sets to get a feel for the atmosphere. The two are a perfect match.

It’s a surprise that this soundtrack got a CD release let alone this fantastic vinyl release. Mondo delivered it a double LP 180 g vinyl on red and silver “duct tape” vinyl. It’s on a gorgeous gatefold full of artwork depicting the different scenes and characters in the movie. This soundtrack truly treats 10 Cloverfield with the respect it deserves.

Get it from Mondo.

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