Vinyl Vlog 296

Vinyl Vlog 296

Tuesday, 09 January 2018

Dead Cross – Self-titled

You know, I’m big enough of a person to admit that it took me a while to realize what a cool dude Mike Patton is. I remember listening to the Irony is a Dead Scene EP years ago, appreciating the great music and vocals and not realizing that it was Patton’s contribution that really was making that release stand out. Fast forward more than a decade, and I’m absorbing Faith No More’s Sol Invictus and the pieces finally fall into place. Patton’s reach is pretty wide (he even composed the music to Crank High Voltage) and even though his works might not resonate with everyone on a personal level, the man is to be watched. But Dead Cross is a different thing altogether, becomes it combines Patton with members of Slayer and the Locust. So yeah, Dead Cross was going to be no-brainer for me.

And the band’s debut sounds exactly as one would expect from such a mix of personnel and has quite a few surprises. This selftitled starts off fast and hard and is off for the faces. It’s grindy, metal, punk, and experimental all at the same time and will pass you right by if you don’t pay attention. The sprint of Seizure and Desist to Shillelagh pauses briefly for the genius of Bela Lugosi’s Dead: a morbid, haunting number both mourning and celebrating the life of Dracula himself. The music is furious and Patton’s vocals are shrieking one moment and summoning beasts the next. There’s just so much Dead Cross covers with the utmost skill and the occasional bits of humor. It’s unique and will satisfy its audience.

The vinyl release is quite the looker as well, with a creepy and compelling cover, gatefold sleeve and vinyl reminiscent of coagulated blood. Dead Cross both sounds and looks the part and this vinyl release is both style and substance.

Get your copy here.

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