Vinyl Vlog 290

Vinyl Vlog 290

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The Bronx V

I first saw the Bronx about ten years ago in San Diego opening for Lagwagon. Lead singer Matt Caughtran proudly announced before they came out, “We saw it was going to rain earlier, so we didn’t think the show was going to happen, so we all did a bunch of drugs.” I was intrigued. The Bronx then proceeded to blow me away as they played their set.

After that show, of course I looked them up online, of course got the album, of course fell in love with it, and of course have been in love with this band ever since. “They’re HUGE!” I would proclaim to anyone who would ask me about them.

After two flawless albums, Bronx III found the band in transition and failed to make an impact with anyone, then seemed to disappear as the members focused on more Mariachi-centric efforts.

But over the past few years the Bronx has focused more on what their initial bread and butter was, and have proven they can still bring the rock with IV and now V. The great thing about Bronx records is that you can always count on them to bring pounding and pulsing songs, that sound urgent, fast, and catchy. V has these songs in spades. The old raw-sounding Bronx is all but gone, as their recent albums have welcomed a more polished sound with more refined and harmonic vocals. That certainly seems to be the case here in V, but I dare say Broken Arrow sounds straight out of their debut and puts quite a smile on my face. The highlights are many but, for some reason, I always fall back to “Stranger Danger” Two Birds” and “Sore Throat”

And the vinyl? This might be the coolest looking vinyl we’ve ever featured on the site. It’s a clear translucent orange with a solid orange/yellow/glittery center. Absolutely stunning.

It’s been a great year for music and the Bronx have certainly made it greater. This fifth effort is undoubtedly a highlight of the year.

Quit being a dummy and get your copy here.

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