Vinyl Vlog 272

Vinyl Vlog 272

Monday, 13 November 2017

Back To The Future Part II – Original Score 2XLP
By Alan Silvestri

More complex movies do exist of course, but few are as transcendent or as satisfying as Back to the Future. It’s been said that the script is like a Swiss watch: so well crafted. The BTTF trilogy is such a monument to cinematic achievement that collectively we know all the parts to the movies, but still haven’t seen them enough to truly merit such academic scholarship. The movies have a way of seeping into your consciousness mixing its science with wonder, history, comedy, romance and redemption. Its tone is perfect and its characters are some of the most timeless, likeable, memorable and recognizable.

Now imagine listening to the soundtrack.

I will go on record and say that the second BTTF movie is probably the best of the three: Marty’s adversary has never been more serious, the stakes never higher, and the truly imaginative and prophetic script is astounding in its accuracy (look at a billionaire sham Biff as president). When you listen to the music, it’s like you’re watching the entire movie all over again. These films were pretty heavy in the score department with very few silent moments, so it’s like a muscle memory that’s triggered when we hear these compositions. Right there are Doc Brown and Marty plotting about sneaking into the soda shop, there’s the hoverboard chase scene, and there’s Marty confronting Biff on the rooftop. It’s all in the music. The beats, melodies, and feeling of Alan Silvestri’s songs are as vital as the movie itself. They’re exiting, pulse pounding, suspenseful and undeniably grand.

Again, Mondo does things the way they should be and has matched the trilogy of the movie with a trilogy of soundtracks of their own. Even the artwork matches on these gatefold releases! The vinyl is pressed on thick 180g white with blue splatter (like a lightning strike). This is one of Mondo’s best packages which just makes you realize how seriously they take their soundtracks and this movie.

Another truly stellar release by Mondo, and a soundtrack that needs to be appreciated in this lavish packaging.

Get it here.


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