Vinyl Vlog 250

Vinyl Vlog 250

Monday, 14 August 2017

Alejandro Jodorowsky
The Holy Mountain (Original Soundtrack)

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s movies are unlike anything else out there. To call them truly unique barely scratches the surface. Who could have guessed that the Chilean filmmaker would rise to such an infamous status and that he would still be so respected today? Even though his newest movies are definitely easier to digest and much more polished efforts, that bold and daring aspect still remains predominantly at the forefront. And nothing perhaps reaches the apex of craziness and boldness as the Holy Mountain.

I’ve now had the chance to experience the Holy Mountain several times, rewatching it, learning from the audio commentary, and even seeing it in the theatres. That viewing led to an experience as over the top as the movie itself when a couple literally started having sex outside of the theatre, or at least they appeared to be. It’s good to know a movie can alter both our minds and the world around us.

The Holy Mountain arguable throws everything it can at its viewers, redefining symbolism as SYMBOLISM. It’s all in your face for the entirety of the movie. And with such an over-the-top film, it’s easy to understand that its soundtrack might go a little unnoticed. Just like the movie, the Holy Mountain’s soundtrack is as bold and varied as anything out there. It’s a long one, but filled with mystic music, Tibetan monk chatting, tribal drums, rock music, flute-laden ballads, swelling orchestral numbers, and trance-like drones. It’s expertly assembled and proves to be an enriching experience for any listener.

Equally as outrageous as the film itself is that this soundtrack is now available on vinyl for the first time, and it’s such a wonderful package. A gatefold sleeve houses 2 LPs and a small booklet with a short analysis, and artwork from the film featured throughout.

The Holy Mountain’s soundtrack may have been overshadowed by the movie, but maybe its nature is so that it fits in perfectly with the images on screen and so serves as the perfect compliment. A more unique vinyl soundtrack would be hard to find.


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