Vinyl Vlog 224

Vinyl Vlog 224

Friday, 02 June 2017

Raw Original Motion Picture Score

by Jim Williams


It truly feels like we’re living through a new rebirth of independent horror movies. Look to the The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Love Witch, and the Void just to name a few. But no movie (horror or otherwise) has impressed me so far this year the way Raw has. Everything about it is beautifully executed, whether it’s the original story, or casting, or the look. However, if you didn’t notice the soundtrack that’s accompanying this incredible movie, then you simply weren’t paying attention.


I went into Raw not knowing anything about the plot, and it was with a sense of uneasiness that I kept watching after it became painfully clear what the movie was about. And in a way, the score by Jim Williams is the perfect accompaniment for the journey you unknowingly signed up for. Much like a good soundtrack does, this one is its own character in the movie (think Goblin’s Suspiria) and it both builds and scares and sets the tone for what you’re seeing on screen. William’s beautiful, basic and creepy guitars set a haunting tone which unexpectedly explode into organ-driven numbers. It’s kind of like a vampire movie set in modern times.

I am so glad Mondo and Death Waltz are handling this release because with them you know you’re going to get a package that’s as noteworthy and interesting as the movie. Their Raw release is no different. Housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring original and jarring art, the soundtrack is pressed on a double 180g bloody red vinyl. Again, a perfect complement for the movie as everything from the vinyl, the artwork and the movie itself are perplexingly alluring.


We’re left anxiously waiting for a blu-ray release of Raw this year, and until then we have this gorgeous soundtrack release to consume. The results more than satisfy.


Get your copy here.


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