Vinyl Vlog 159

Vinyl Vlog 159

Sunday, 14 August 2016

A deeper look at the grooves pressed into the Guitar Boy LP by Bloodshot Bill.

The moment I first saw Bloodshot Bill will forever be burned into both my eyeballs and my memory. It was at the Middle East in Cambridge while waiting for the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion to go on. And here comes this guy, wearing a robe, hair slicked back, armed with nothing but a guitar, bass drum and hi hat.

What followed was thirty minutes of raging thunder honky tonk country music powered by a single human being. I knew nothing of Bloodshot Bill and there I was transfixed; completely aware that my life was changing right in front of me. I instantly became a fan.

Bloodshot Bill is recognized as the fifth hardest working man in music and he’s constantly putting out new music and touring the land. His latest, Guitar Boy, follows perfectly after his previous albums Shook Shake and Lonesome Road and it’s jam packed with a buzzy, raw, country bliss, and the incredible guitar work that Bloodshot is known for. However, this time, it seems like the chemistry is a little more in place; the songs pop a little more, the arrangements stand out in each individual song, and the toe-tapping is almost irresistible. In short, Guitar Boy is the best Bloodshot Bill has sounded to date, packed with his unique brand of music and a must-listen. Nothing else sounds like it!

The only problem facing Bloodshot Bill is that the raging hurricane that he puts on in his live shows is almost impossible to capture on recording. They simply don’t make wax strong enough to hold his music. You must see this man when he comes to town.

I had a chance to ask Jon Spencer about Bloodshot Bill a while back and he put it perfectly: “He’s the real deal.” [Ollie Ottoman]


The vinyl edition of  Guitar Boy is out now. Buy it here, directly from Norton Records.

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