Vinyl Vlog 143

Vinyl Vlog 143

Friday, 17 June 2016

A deeper look at the grooves pressed into a vinyl copy of Lost Time by Tacocat.

Although Tacocat has gained a reputation as our lovable party garage punk band, I think of them as “Oh, that band.” You see, I have this split 7-inch of Ghost Mice and Tacocat that I think about every time I think about this band. I got this 7-inch years ago because I really like the Ghost Mice. Tacocat was a lovely inclusion and their songs, although nice, didn’t really make an impression.

Fast forward several years later, and their album NVM is taking the world by storm, mixing fun, dance-y/garage-y songs with catchy hooks and smart lyrics. Tacocat went from becoming a band to keep an eye out for to a potential force. How would they top the tasty licks of NVM? With Lost Time, of course.
Kudos to Tacocat for coming through in the clutch and doing so much so right on this highly anticipated follow-up. Lost Time sounds nice and accessible just like NVM, but it’s also much louder for some reason – and this is most definitely a good thing. Lost Time even has all the cool party atmosphere we love from this band, with a punkier and more urgent edge. And yes, there are songs about period here too. It’s debatable whether they were holding back in the past, but there’s no doubt they are going for it with Lost Time. Just listen to “I Hate the Weekend” or “Dana Katherine Scully,” if you don’t believe me. It’s balls-to-the-walls with that one. Want the smart songs? You’ve got “Plan A Plan B” and “FDP.”

You’d be doing yourself a favor by putting this album on your rotation this year, but even more so if you indulge in the vinyl. Rumor has it the colored vinyls are still out there for grabs. Whatever the case may be though, this record is essential listening regardless of color. It’s definitely one of the best albums out this year so far. [Ollie Ottoman]


Lost Time is out now. Buy it here on Amazon.

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