Vinyl Vlog 005

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hey, remember that guy Andrew WK? Yeah, he's the one who had that album about partying where he looks all bloody on the cover. Yeah, him! Ever heard the music inside that album? No? Me neither.

At least that's how things were for me until six months ago. Whether you like Andrew WK's music or not, you have to admit, he's one hell of a guy. Just look him up on YouTube if you don't believe me. And his first album I Get Wet? Well, it's kind of an awesome album now that I've listened to it. For the uninitiated (all three of you), I Get Wet basically sounds like a well-produced metal album about partying and all sorts of positive things. It's something everyone has to listen to at some point in their lives; like a rite of passage or something.

This is the review of the 10th Anniversary (!) edition of the album, and after looking over the package, I kind of wish more bands did their reissues like this. I'm not sure if the tracks got remastered, but that doesn't matter. This reissue is packed with bonus material in a very handsome package. You got gatefold, interviews, posters, and a double white LP. That's how you press your deluxe edition, folks. In addition, we have tons of demos and live cuts from the album, some of which has Andrew sounding a  lot like Nobunny for some reason. Odd. Are these extra cuts essential? Of course not. But that's why they're supplementary. Anyway, these are the kinds of things you include in a deluxe set that's supposed to be completely comprehensive. In other words, this part of the reissue was also done right. So, how much is it worth? I'd easily pay $25 for this, but no, right now you can get it for $18. It's as if the gods of music have smiled upon us once more. Is there anything left to be said? Well played, Andrew….

Andrew WK has managed to create a fun and inspiring album that appeals to almost everyone and holds up to the test of time, so you kind of need this in your collection. I'm not sure if it was awesome ten years ago, but it is definitely an awesome album today. Party on, Andrew. Party on.



The Tenth Anniversary reissue of I Get Wet is out now. Buy it here on Amazon .

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