Verbally Viewing Various Videos (Q-V) – Vol. 4

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

In rare cases does the core concern of an artist have the chance to be poured out in one of their music videos. An artist will most likely do it at an award ceremony, leaving us with an awkward moment rather then their intent, a social statement that has a chance to change opinions. Lucky for us we have Moby to do it right. His humbleness leaves us with an awesome thought, a minimalistic approach and great view to change our minds: become a vegetarian or get your ass whooped by one pimp-ass chicken.

Moby’s music can only be described as eclectic. His website, blog and simplistic approach to life is countered by the unexpected songs we may receive from him over time. For our review this session we’ll be covering his song “Disco Lies.” Let’s get to it.

Question One. Is the music video 99% stuff other than the artist's head? Moby achieves perfection here as we don’t even know if Moby’s in the video. I’ve watched it seven times now and have not even seen one second of him. This question almost seems invalid in the face of a great video like this. One point.

Question Two. Is the cinematography pure awesomeness? Some could say that the cinematography in the video is quite plain, but in the case of the story and plotline, anything done in the cinematography aspect would really take away from what the video is trying to achieve. The colors are all captured well, the emotion of people, and of course, the baby chick looks amazingly cute. A Perfect score still remains.

Question Three. Is the video easy to follow? Do you know what’s goin' on? Yes, the plotline of the life of a chicken whose family was destroyed by men working for a man in a white beard. Ten years later he takes revenge on the man the same way that his family was taken by him. My name is Giant Pimp Chicken, you killed my father, prepare to die. My name is Giant Pimp Chicken, you killed my father, prepare to die. Perfect score still retained through question three. Moby makes the development of music videos seem easy.

Question Four. Does the theme stay consistent throughout the video? I’m going to give Moby a half point here. I know that seems odd, but I don’t see the point of adding the singer of the video as if she’s in a disco. As for the relevance to the video, it doesn’t seem connected to it. Sure Sanders and the chicken look like they’re in a booth at parts of the video, but for all we know it could be restaurant rather than in the VIP. I always have two girls with me wearing glittery tops when I sit in the booth at Burger King.

Moby’s final score of 3.5/4 is still amazing, and it’s a fun video to pass around to your friends. I’d also like to note that the song he chose to pair up with the video was a perfect choice.


Moby – Last Night. Buy it NOW on Amazon!

Moby – “Disco Lies (Spencer & Hill Radio Edit Remix) – [mp3]

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