TV Party Tonight! 013

TV Party Tonight! 013

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Ollie Ottoman delves into the Backstage Passport 2 DVD by NOFX.

I feel like I’m part of a dying generation who grew up on NOFX. Say what you choose about their music, but you cannot deny that their work ethic, approach to music and the impact they have had on punk rock has been a source of respect. That and they have made some killer records over the years. I became convinced when I put on Pump Up The Valuum the other day. Yeah, I’m not even talking about their go-to classics, and I know I’m right.

Back in 2008, the documentary series Backstage Passport was released giving fans an inside look into the dynamics of a NOFX tour and allowed people to familiarize themselves with the members of the band. Well, it turned out that being in NOFX can be a complicated ordeal as every obstacle presented itself to obstruct the band’s goal: the venues, the promoters, the police, the government, earthquakes and sometimes the band itself. We cried, we laughed and we cringed. Now almost seven years later, Backstage Passport 2 comes our way to tie up some loose ends of the previous series, filling in some more gaps in their exotic touring holes and trying to finally pull off that Colombia show.

Right out of the gate as I watched Backstage Passport 2, I remembered why I loved the first part of the Backstage Passport series, and that’s because this band and their crew are so goddamned entertaining. For a group of guys (yes, mostly guys) who have a larger-than-life reputation, it’s great to see how seriously they take their jobs in the band. That’s the secret to making a flawed character so likeable, and there are flaws galore; this time mainly surrounding frontman Fat Mike and his tendency to turn into an absolute monster on tour. I put it on being a little hesitant, but couldn’t stop watching.

Loaded with content, this edition of Backstage Passport takes us through Peru, Mexico and Colombia and is loaded with equally entertaining content from Australia and Eastern Europe, and it’s all good. My only gripe is how they haven’t updated the format of documentary over the years, as Backstage Passport is still presented in non-HD format (I know, I know) and 3:4 aspect ratio. Not that we need to see this footage on a Blu-ray to truly appreciate it, but it would have definitely contributed to giving the show a more cinematic feel.

I cannot recommend this documentary enough for fans and non-fans alike. You’ll shake your fist at the hijinx on-screen, but smile the whole time as you’re doing it too. [OLLIE OTTOMAN]


Backstage Passport 2 is out now. Buy it here on Fat Wreck Chords’ web site.

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