TV Party Tonight! #79

TV Party Tonight! #79

Tuesday, 04 February 2020

Maid in Manhattan
[Blu-ray/DVD combo]

Maid in Manhattan was romcom before romcoms were a thing. I hear Mystic Pizza should be up there as a pioneer of the genre, but Maid in Manhattan was really the crest of the new wave in the 90s. It has all the elements of a good romcom: a lovable underdog, a hard-to-crack romantic interest, the weight of the world seemingly on the protagonist’s shoulder, and beautiful people who are a little too dumb to function in the real world. Also, romance and comedy.

I think it can be argued that Jennifer Lopez is by no means a talented actress. She acts in movies in the way that you put ketchup on a burger. It compliments a solid production but by no means can drive the show. I don’t care how much she thinks she’s been shafted for her performance in Hustlers, Jennifer Lopez will just never be and actress of real caliber. But, she is definitely a leading woman, and probably would never take any role where she’s not the sole focus. Ralph Feinnes, on the other hand, is a real actor, seems to understand the craft, takes interesting roles, and will take risks in his performances. He’s the perfect counterpart for Jennifer Lopez and helps bring balance to this movie.

Maid in Manhattan is a delightful watch if you know what you’re getting yourself into: a feel-good story with a guaranteed happy ending. The plot is easy to predict: a hard-working single mom who is universally beloved gets swept up in a romance where content needs to overcome class. Lopez’s character of Marissa has the heart, but she doesn’t have the pedigree of someone that would impress an elite like Senatorial hopeful Chris Marshall. But if both of them can somehow (somehow!) listen to their hearts, their love might make it in this nutty world. Will they end up together? Of course they will. Marissa is absolutely beloved by every single person she interacts with and is faultless in all of her decisions. People will risk their own wellbeing to help her achieve her goals. It’s truly baffling, and the perfect magical world in which romcoms exist.

Mill Creek has rereleased this movie (which has been out of print for quite a while), because a movie like this needs to be readily available. Don’t expect any bonus stuff, just a high quality transfer, both on blu-ray and DVD of a movie that’s bound to please fans of the genre.

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