TV Party Tonight! #78

TV Party Tonight! #78

Sunday, 02 February 2020

Little Women/Marie Antoinette Double Feature

There are so many actors/actresses/directors whose movies I refuse to see just because I’ve had it with them. Like Anne Hathaway, Josh Gad, and Christopher Nolan. Just people who have thrived through mediocrity and are so impressed with themselves that I’ve lost complete interest. I’ve followed this code and it’s served me well.

Then there’s Kirsten Dunst.

Kirsten Dunst is my jam. The complete opposite of what I just mentioned. She’s an actress that actually is able to recognize a good work of art and elevates the craft. More often than not, her projects are compelling and interesting, and her performances are notable. Why am I talking about Kristen Dunst? Well, because Mill Creek seems to have put together a box where Kirsten Dunst is the only consistent factor. Otherwise, the pairing of Little Women and Marie Antoinette in a box set makes absolutely no sense.

It is interesting to compare and contrast these two movies. Little Women is just a bubble gum family movie and a great adaptation of a classic story. It’s also the definitive version of this story, in my eyes. I think the latest remake by Greta Gerwig is great, but this version takes itself a little less seriously and has some better performances, Wynona Rider and Kirsten Dunst included (“Your ONE beauty!” will forever be HER line), and it’s just a more fun watch on repeated viewings. Marie Antoinette is a full-on art-film, which looks gorgeous of course, but also has a more complex story. It really shows off Dunst’s acting chops and the subtlety of her performance.

Mill Creek often gets criticized for how they quickly slap releases together, and this is definitely another instance of that. A SINGLE blu-ray disk houses BOTH movies, with some compressed audio, unfortunately. Also, there are no bonus features, which seems to be the norm with them. Now it just happens that you can’t get either movie on blu-ray except on this double-feature release. Also, it’s quite economically priced. So, if you’re a person who wants to add these movies to your collection, you could do a lot worse. And these are some pretty terrific movies to boot.

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